Definitions for "Taint"
A thrust with a lance, which fails of its intended effect.
An injury done to a lance in an encounter, without its being broken; also, a breaking of a lance in an encounter in a dishonorable or unscientific manner.
To thrust ineffectually with a lance.
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To hit or touch lightly, in tilting.
To imbue or impregnate with something extraneous, especially with something odious, noxious, or poisonous; hence, to corrupt; to infect; to poison; as, putrid substance taint the air.
To be infected or corrupted; to be touched with something corrupting.
Fig.: To stain; to sully; to tarnish.
A blemish on reputation; stain; spot; disgrace.
place under suspicion or cast doubt upon; "sully someone's reputation"
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The spot between a woman's cunt and her asshole. Called the taint because "taint her twat, taint her asshole". Also known as the chinrest.
(see also "Scranus", "Dirty Inch", "Chode", "Choad", "Grundel", "Nacho") - The short flap of skin located between a man's balls and asshole (women's pussy and asshole). ie "It taint a nut, it taint an ass..."
An unwanted flavour from chemical changes in the coffee, that happens during growing, processing, or roasting.
Unwanted flavour in fresh or processed food.
A unwanted flavor from chemical changes in the coffee, that happens during growing, processing, or roasting.
The perineum, the strip of tissue between the genitals and the anus of both men and women
Taint is a term used to refer to the perineum (the region of the human body between the testicles or vagina and the anus). This term has no basis in medical terminology and is most often considered lewd and mildly obscene.
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Taint are a three-piece, UK based hardcore/rock/metal band. Their unique sound journeys through elements of sludge, modern metal, hardcore punk, doom, and stoner rock. They formed in 1994 as teenagers in the South Wales DIY punk/metal scene (see below), yet are to some degree children of classic rock.
Immaculum warped by misused serenade.
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Aphetic form of Attaint.
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see asava.
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Tincture; hue; color; tinge.
To be affected with incipient putrefaction; as, meat soon taints in warm weather.
the state of being contaminated
contaminate with a disease or microorganism
Damage to cargo through stowage in close proximity to other cargo which affects it adversely.
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Slang for the area that lies between the anus and the scrotum or vagina.