Definitions for "Maceration"
maceration, steeping (leaving skins in contact with must)
Softening of the skin by soaking in fluids. Skin appears white and waterlogged.
The procedure of leaving the grape skins and pips in contact with the juice. It is an essential step in red wine making as it is this procedure which gives it colour. A short maceration of white grape skins can make a white wine more aromatic.
Maceration is a bone preparation technique whereby parts of a vertebrate corpse are left to rot inside a closed container at near-constant temperature, to get a clean skeleton. It is a form of controlled putrefaction, the decomposition of a corpse by bacteria in anaerobic conditions. The temperature is best maintained in an incubator at around 35 degrees Celsius.
extreme leanness (usually caused by starvation or disease)
is the process of placing crushed fruit into distilled spirits for a period of time in order to impart the flavor of the fruit.
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The act or process of macerating.
the process of reducing fibres to pulp.