Definitions for "Fleshy"
Keywords:  meaty, tannin, fatter, palate, chewy
Describes a wine full of substance; chewy; meaty.
Thick and soft.
A wine with a rich texture.
Composed of firm pulp; succulent; as, the houseleek, cactus, and agave are fleshy plants.
Succulent roots.
For a stem, not hard and woody; for a fruit or bud scales, not dry. Succulent.
Keywords:  corpulent, plump, fat, gross, composed
Full of, or composed of, flesh; plump; corpulent; fat; gross.
usually describes a large person who is fat but has a large frame to carry it
Keywords:  resembling, relating
of or relating to or resembling flesh
Keywords:  human
Keywords:  full, generous
full and generous