Definitions for "Cactus "
Any plant of the order Cactacæ, as the prickly pear and the night-blooming cereus. See Cereus. They usually have leafless stems and branches, often beset with clustered thorns, and are mostly natives of the warmer parts of America.
succulents belonging to the Cactaceae.
Stem succulent, member of the Cactaceae family.
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The codename for Guadalcanal.
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Callus Calyx
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"Cactus" is a song written by Black Francis for the Pixies album Surfer Rosa in 1988.
Cactus is a general, modular, parallel environment for solving systems of partial differential equations. The code has been developed over many years by a large international collaboration of numerical relativity and computational science research groups and can be used to provide a portable platform for solving any system of partial differential equations.
a software package designed for modular scientific programming/computing for use on parallel platforms
Cactus is an American rock band that was conceived in late 1969 as a supergroup but ended up one of the first "hard rock" bands.
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a catus, which means - if well established and not in full sun all day long- it can survive a long time (i
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a rare hazard, appearing on only a few levels