Definitions for "Siliqua"
Two valved fruit, divided internally by a re-plum, which dehisces from the base upwards.
narrow elongated seed capsule peculiar to the family Cruciferae
a dry, dehiscent fruit formed from a superior ovary of two carpels, with two parietal placentas and divided into two loculi by a false septum between the placentas.
A silver coin equal to 1/24th of a solidus. Simpulum - A libation ladle used in Roman religious services.
The siliqua is the modern name given to small, thin, Roman silver coins produced from 4th century and later.
Siliqua is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Cagliari in the Italian region Sardinia, located about 25 km northwest of Cagliari. As of 31 December 2004, it had a population of 4,077 and an area of 190.4 km2.All demographics and other statistics: Italian statistical institute Istat.
Keywords:  jewelers, carat, refiners, gold, grains
A weight of four grains; a carat; -- a term used by jewelers, and refiners of gold.
Same as Silique.