Definitions for "Valve"
One of the pieces into which a capsule naturally separates when it bursts.
A small portion of certain anthers, which opens like a trapdoor to allow the pollen to escape, as in the barberry.
one of the segments produced by the splitting of a ripe capsule ( q.v.)
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A door; especially, one of a pair of folding doors, or one of the leaves of such a door.
A lid, plug, or cover, applied to an aperture so that by its movement, as by swinging, lifting and falling, sliding, turning, or the like, it will open or close the aperture to permit or prevent passage, as of a fluid.
One or more membranous partitions, flaps, or folds, which permit the passage of the contents of a vessel or cavity in one direction, but stop or retard the flow in the opposite direction; as, the ileocolic, mitral, and semilunar valves.
One of the two similar portions of the shell of a diatom.
One of the pieces or divisions of bivalve or multivalve shells.
One of two, usually identical, more or less flattened and ornamented, plates.
Glass tube which amplifies sound using a cathode and anode.
The original device used to amplify an audio signal consisting of electrodes in a sealed, gas filled glass tube. Now found on some high end amplifiers, they produce a warm, involving sound.
Short for Thermonic Valve, or in Britain, electron tube. - Category: Recording
Part of the three pairs of processes that form the sheath and piercing structures of the ovipositor.
One of the paired components of the ovipositor.
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There are many types of valves that are used to control sewerage or effluent systems. These can vary from - Non Return Valves, Gate Valves, Sluice Valves, Penstock Valves, each of which has a specific purpose.
See "Control Valve".
In nematodes: A structure that regulates the rate and/or direction of intake of materials (e.g., the esophago-intestinal valve or cardia). ( 14)
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In most guns the hammer smacks the valve to release the gas that will propel the ball.
In baghouses, frequently the pilot valve and the diaphragm valve pulse are considered as one, simply called “valve.
or vent - opening in the top (or, in some models, sides) of the balloon through which hot air can be released to initiate a descent or a landing.
A move which simultaneously opens one line of play while closing another.
These open or close to admit air to the pipe. Their movement is controlled through the keys on the keyboard. Pressing a key down pulls the valve open. Each key has a spring underneath it so that the key returns to the "up" position, allowing the valve to close.
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a cheaper way of accomplishing the same thing
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a fold in an artery, vein or duct which prevents reflux of its contents
Distributor and publishing company of games released on Steam, also developing several of the games themselves.
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a form of amp technology.
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an implementation of the org
a product rarely noticed by the average person, yet it plays an important role in the quality of our life
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a 'one way door' that keeps blood moving in your heart
a request processing component associated with a particular Container
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a bit more powerful then the one I have
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see 3d gaming companies