Definitions for "Implementation"
That part of the project life-cycle during which working drawings, specification s and contract documents are prepared, contract s are tender ed and award ed, and the construction work undertaken. See also Implementation Phase. [D00808] CCCP discipline in the software-engineering process, whose purpose is to implement and unit test the classes. [D04731] RUP
In Lisp, a Lisp class that can respond meaningfully to the methods corresponding to the operations defined in the interface.
The private part of a class (see 'encapsulation').
is the practical application of a methodology or algorithm to fulfill a desired purpose. One might create a computer program that can sort numbers in ascending order, in doing so one would implement a known method of sorting. A rules engine may have many implementation details such as object classes in its underlying system but with Haley's products you don't need to have knowledge of these implementation details in order to create rules.
In engineering and computer science, an implementation is the practical application of a methodology or algorithm to fulfill a desired purpose. For example, one might create a computer program that sorts a list of numbers in ascending order. To do so, one would implement a known method of sorting.
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Metadata for entity: Occurrence The actual (often physical) realization of something that was researched and developed. See also: research, development, dissemination
realization of a specification; it can be a software product, system, service, program, or webpage.
An implementation is a realization of a technology in accordance to the principles defined in the technical specifications for this technology. This implementation can be a document, product, application, process, service, system, or other entity.
The white box view of the software system; i.e., those aspects of the software system that lie within the module black boxes.
resource- and schedule-constrained translation of design into an operating software system.
The process of upgrading controls from existing methods to Best Practice, this may require new hardware, modification of software or simply fine tuning of the existing system.
The process by which the organisation's chosen strategies are put into operation.
The next step after impasse; this is the point at which the owners impose their system for salaries and free agency and all the things you typically see in a union agreement. It's a risky step for the owners because it is fraught with legal pitfalls. The baseball owners tried this strategy in 1995 and were humiliated in court. But it could be a part of Bettman's master plan. (See also entry for "Scabs.")
an actual instantiation of an interface
an instantiation of a subsystem, conforming to one or more specific models
To put something into action
The process of carrying out management decisions.
step in the nursing process that nurses use their knowledge and skills to carry out the planned interventions.
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a description of the internal structure of each module specified in the architectural design
a large number of separate 'modules' or 'packages' designed to store data on a particular subject and to produce management reports
a simple SAX parser written in Scheme using the SSAX module (for more information about Scheme, SAX, and the SSAX module, see Resources )
the basic objective of the project. Implementation implies that not only has the system been installed, tested, and rolled out; it also means that users have been trained and sign-off is complete.
System development phase in which components of the system are acquired, installed, and tested.
The installation of new databases, application programs, manual procedures, and training sessions.
The stage in the research process during which recommendations are put into practice.
(voir Implémentation) (A) An instance of abstraction. (B) A low level abstraction. (C) The process of creating an implementation in sense.
The process during which Oracle Expert generates implementation files and implementation scripts that can help you put the Oracle Expert tuning recommendations into effect. See also implementation files and implementation scripts.
the mechanism that (supposedly) realises the specified design INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES - ICT The application of computer science to ways of organising and storing information and facilitating its transfer amongst users.
The hidden attributes and operations of an object. The implementation typically includes a description of the data structure of an object, definitions of the methods that access that data structure, and information about the type of the object.
Concrete description of an object, in terms of its attribute structure, and method definitions (contrasts with specification).
This term is often used as if it were a synonym for definition. There are times when that is true but there are other times when we use the terms with different meanings. A definition in C++ is the code that provides an entity to which a name refers. An implementation is the detail of a definition where there are choices about the detail. For example we would not speak about implementing a type when all we meant was the definition we place in a header file. However the details about the choice of data structures and the definitions of the member functions would be distinguished by being called an implementation of the type.
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A phase in the design process during which the design is placed and routed.
The third phase of a career transition process (following assessment and options exploration) which is designed to get you to where you want to be: organizing a campaign of letters, resumes, one-page bios (better than resume if changing career direction), interview practice, negotiations, etc.
The fourth step in the classic A-D-D-I-E model of Instructional System Design. The implementation phase involves the delivery of the training to the intended audience and the use by that audience.
The set-up required before you can start using a CMMS in day-to-day operations. In MainBoss, for example, you need to type in a list of the equipment and places your department maintains
a major reason for the superior performance of a RapidChip Platform ASIC
The application and enforcement of Community law within the Member States, once it has been transposed into national law where necessary. See also Transposition.
a concept called "Netcentricity
The process of following through with the risk management decision and ensuring that the risk management measures are in place. (from OIE 2003a)
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The code that does the work of an OSID.
The implementation of a pattern is a set of code that uses the pattern. It shows the details and tricks that are needed to make it work.
indebt initially intersection issue
the act of accomplishing some aim or executing some order; "the agency was created for the implementation of the policy"
The act of executing a research plan.
The process of executing the production release and stabilization of an IT change that encompasses one or more configuration items (CIs).
a particular form of refinement in which an implementable subset of AMN is used
The spread of a language change throughout a language or speech community; transmission.
n. A compiler or other language translator, together with its run-time libraries. Used in constructions such as ``Whether plain char is signed or unsigned is implementation-defined'' and ``These identifiers are reserved to the implementation.''
a data modeling exercise that integrates all underlying data models, focusing more on the business requirements than on system- and application-specific requirements
a system that provides collection of facilities and services that supports this specification
The act of starting an EDI system.
Each school and group has its own distinctive features to which it adapts Junior Great Books. Any specific school or group's use of Junior Great Books is referred to as an implementation.
A period of time during which training and field- testing occur following the acquisition of materials and/or curriculum change.
the volume of funds obligated (new obligations) in a given period.
involves States Parties taking whatever actions they need to in order to comply with their legal obligations under a convention. Previous Page
an important concern for the international community
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a result of poor
an organization-wide responsibility
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See User Agent.
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an individual
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see marketing implementation.