Definitions for "Quality Assurance Program"
The RHPA requires that each regulatory college develop, establish and maintain programs to promote continuing competence among the members of the profession. The College of Nurses of Ontario meets this obligation through its Quality Assurance (QA) Program. Included in the QA Program are Reflective Practice, the Practice Setting Consultation Program and Practice Review.
an integrated system of activities involving planning, quality control, quality assessment, and reporting to ensure that the data generated in a program meet defined standards of quality with a stated level of confidence
an internationally recognized accreditation program for the adaptive mobility equipment industry
a set of managment tools (procedures and controls) organized to optimize the clinical value of radiographic images for timely patient diagnosis while taking radiation exposure and impact to the imaging facility into consideration
A comprehensive set of policies, procedures, and practices used to monitor the services provided in a clinical or laboratory setting. These plans should include protocols for proper record keeping, calibration and maintenance of equipment, monitoring of quality controls and proficiency testing results, and training.
A proactive, industry-driven code of production practices, carefully designed to ensure that producers supply a wholesome, safe product to consumers.
is the evaluation process that verifies the accuracy of the data on the database system.
Organized set of activities designed to demonstrate that patient care and services provided by a hospital are the best possible within available resources and consistent with achievable goals, through the ongoing assessment of important aspects of patient care, the correction of identified problems, and follow-up activities to verify that corrected problems have not recurred.
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a plan and process to prevent food safety problems and assure a high quality food product
The documented plans for implementing the quality system.