Definitions for "Quality system"
a structured and documented management system describing the policies, objectives, principles, organizational authority, responsibilities, accountability, and implementation plan of an organization for ensuring quality in its work processes, products (items), and services. The quality system provides the framework for planning, implementing, documenting, and assessing work performed by the organization and for carrying out required quality assurance and quality control.
refers to quality assurance and quality enhancement strategies within the disability sector.
The organization al structure, responsibilities, procedure process es and resources for implementing quality management. [D01600] ISO QMPP
a network of interrelated processes
a management system that, through documented processes, monitoring, checks and reviews, enables an office to work efficiently and cost effectively by improving administrative efficiency and thus better meeting their clients needs and expectations
a systematic way of monitoring and controlling the essential activities of a business
Comprehensive, company-wide set of practices adopted in a firm to monitor the quality of its products and the effectiveness of its internal and external operations.
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