Definitions for "ISO"
International Organisation for Standardisation
International Standards Organisation. A body that promotes standards. Developed the OSI model for network communications.
International Organization for Standardization. An international federation of national standards bodies that is responsible for a wide range of standards, including those relevant to networking. ISO developed the OSI reference model, a popular networking reference model. Pls visit
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Numerical rating describing a film's sensitivity to light (replacing ASA and DIN). ISO number doubles as a film's sensitivity doubles.
Refers the image sensor's (CCD/CMOS device) sensitivity to light and is represented by numbers. The higher the number is, the more sensitive it is to light.
short term for isolated camera or feed. For events which are produced or switched live, ISO reels are used later in editing for alternative shots in the finished program.
Incentive Stock Option. A type of employee stock option which provides tax advantages...
Incentive Stock Option. The right to purchase company stock at a specific exercise price over a stated option term. Generally, an ISO entitles you to favorable tax treatment if the acquired shares are held for at least one year from the date of exercise and two years from the grant date. If you adhere to the required holding period, the difference between the sale price and grant price will be taxed at a capital gains rate. However, if you choose to sell off all or a portion of the shares before the expiration of the applicable holding periods, you may recognize ordinary income and will be taxed accordingly. In non-U.S. locations, tax implications may vary; consult your employer or tax advisor.
Incentive Stock Option. An option that has met certain tax requirements entitling the optionee to favorable tax treatment. Such an option is free from regular tax at the date of grant and the date of exercise (when a non-qualified option would become taxable). If two holding period tests are met (two years between grant date and sale date and one year between the exercise date and sale date), the profit on the option qualifies as a long-term capital gain rather than ordinary income. If the holding periods are not met, there has been a "Disqualifying Disposition."
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Prefix used to describe a variety of lines on a map connecting points of equal value. E.g., isobar -- equal pressure; isotherm -- equal temperature. All of these may be considered isolines. See isoline.
Gr.: equal] • Prefix used to denote two separate but similar or identical states of a characteristic. (See isomers, isomorphic, isotope.)
The prefix has been used to designate duplicates of other type categories, but always specimens (i.e. isosyntype, isolectotype, etc.). Only ISOTYPE is used in the ICBN Art. 7. (Morton. Taxon 17: 236.).
earch f. Usually used when groveling for a show (e.g. ISO ph1999-12-31). Please remember it's condsidered profoundly bad form to post an ISO for a show less than a couple of weeks old, and/or without first looking on []. You are encouraged to include a WOB tax (below) if you post an ISO to an mailing list..
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Short for ISO9660, the filesystem used on CD's and DVD's. Refers to an ISO9660 image, which is a file that gets written to a CDR or DVD-R in what as known as ``burning''.
A bootable disc that can be either CD or DVD.
ISO refers also to a CD or DVD image (not picture..) file with an extension of ".iso". The extension comes from the full name of the CD-ROM and DVD-ROM file system specification, ISO 9660. Just like other CD/DVD image formats, ISO is a file that contains full content of the disc, including every single track, directory, file and information about the structure of the disc. Normally ISO files are being used to replicate existing CD/DVD discs, transfer those discs over the network to other location (or to other person) and burn back to CD/DVD which then would be an identical replica of the original disc. View DVD to ISO Converter.
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Izod Impact Strength Knockout Pin LDPE
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A rom is a dump of a game file from a cd, eg a neogeo game on psp would be an iso.
File List for CD-ROM
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Isolated Power, or slugging percentage minus batting average. ISO is used to determine a given player's ability to hit for extra bases. An ISO of .200 or better is considered very good, while those with little doubles or home run power will have an ISO approaching .100. A young player with a high ISO is a strong bet to develop future home run power, as is one with a high doubles/at-bat ratio. See also SLG. Strikeout, used instead of "S" because that letter was already in use to describe a single.
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see Insurance Services Office.
Institutional Security Officer. ISO's are unarmed, foot patrol officers dressed in brown uniforms. They patrol assigned areas to prevent theft and vandalism. Their major responsibilities are (1) to protect University buildings,grounds and equipment and (2) to protect students and visitors against personal loss and danger.
Information Security Officer. The person responsible to the designated high level manager for ensuring that security is provided for and implemented throughout the life-cycle of a MIS from the beginning of the system concept development phase through its design, development, operations, maintenance, and disposal.
An exact copy of an original CD, all the multimedia bits and pieces are uncut and therefore they are extremely large and awkward to download.
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Refers to RS358 code format used by newer CNC to code stored programs
Integrated Sign On . A type of credential forwarding mechanism used to forward authentication credentials to participating servers, usually used in reference to the web. Generally, upon first encountering a server participating in a web ISO system, a user's browser is redirected to an ISO server to authenticate. A special cookie containing a resultant credential is cached for a limited time in the user's browser, which is then redirected back to the original server. Participating servers are configured to first check for this cookie to obtain the user's credentials, effecting a single sign-on system.
Inter-jurisdictional Support Order. The legislation that guides the process of obtaining and enforcing support orders when one person lives in a reciprocating jurisdiction.
A lubrication method in which the contacts are repeatedly supplied with lubricant throughout their life. See also Continuous feed lubrication
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Industrial Safety Ordinance
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see Intensive supervision order
The ISO 7816 defines the physical, electrical, and protocol characteristics of smart cards.
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insulating glass Isolierverglasung
The percentage of light reflected back by a given surface. Used to measure the 'brightness' of paper products.
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Isomer of the element. Back to glossary index
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In search of
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Issue Issued share capital
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Individual support order