Definitions for "ROM"
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READ ONLY MEMORY. Storage containing data that cannot be changed by computer instruction, but required alteration of construction circuits; therefore, data that is non-erasable and reusable, or fixed.
Read-Only Memory. The contents of the ROM cannot be modified. That part of memory resident in a computer and data kept in ROM even power is off.
Read only memory. Data can be accessed and read, but not altered
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Range of motion. The amount of motion in a given joint.
Range of Motion. Refers to movement of a joint (important to prevent contractures).
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Rom the Spaceknight was a toy created by Bing McCoy McCoy interview: and sold to Parker Brothers, who in cooperation with Marvel Comics also created a superhero that appeared in the Marvel Universe.
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ROM is a MUD codebase derived from Merc, which is based on Diku MUD. Russ Taylor (Alander) released Rom 2.3 in 1993. In 1994 he formed the Rom Consortium with his then-wife Gabrielle Taylor (Satin/Antoinette) and their close friend Brian Moore (Zump).
see rupture of membranes.
rupture of membranes. the breaking open of the amniotic sac surrounding the fetus prior to the start of labor and delivery.
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Rom is the second album released by German disco group Dschinghis Khan.
A particular variant of operating system for the Zaurus, analogous to a "distribution" in desktop Linux. Named "ROM" because its installation involves rewriting Zaurus' internal FlashROM. A ROM is usually distributed as two files (image and kernel). Applications written for one ROM may or may not run on other ROMs.
Relates to data and information that has been pre-recorded and cannot be changed, re-written or over-written - as in CD-ROM.
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Rom is a recurring character on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. He is played by Max Grodenchik.
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refuel on the move
Recurrent Otitis Media. The occurrence of three or more episodes of acute Otitis Media within a six-month period.
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Capitol of Italy
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Where the pope lives.
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Indigenous term for Gypsy culture.
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Run Of Mine - Material from a mine that has not been crushed or screened.
Run-of-mine. Commonly referring to the ore delivered to the mill from the mine
Results Oriented Maintenance. Maintenance Philosophy developed by IDCON, INC.
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RON root directory
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ROM, Space Knight
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Alcoholic beverage. (RUM) Think: "Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of ROM!" RB: 3
An exchange ceremony in central Arnhem Land.
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Reduced Order Macro Model.
Games which are designed for other platforms, but are played on the PC using an emulator.
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See Rough Order of Magnitude Estimate
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Regional Oxidant Model
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Root Mean Square
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See hard disk.