Definitions for "Sac"
Standing Advisory Committee (Marine Safety Agency)
Security Administrator - The organization unit(s) accountable for implementing the security and protection of the information and technology resources of UCD. Sponsor - An individual or group representing the University's faculty and/or administrative management that endorses the scope and goals of a project and represents that project in management councils. The sponsor has primary responsibility for marshaling the resources needed to fund the project.
Syariah Advisory Council. Established under the Securities Commission to develop the Islamic capital market, the SAC rules on issues relating to market compliance with Syariah principles. See also National Syariah Advisory Council on Islamic Banking and Takaful.
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A cavity, bag, or receptacle, usually containing fluid, and either closed, or opening into another cavity to the exterior; a sack.
A bag-like part of an animal or plant, often containing some special fluid.
saccus = sack, bag, from G. sakkos.
trategic ir ommand. Division of the US Air Force that used to be responsible for bombing and some refueling missions. Discontinued when the USAF was reorganized in 1992.
an enclosed space; "the trapped miners found a pocket of air"
Supreme Allied Commander (WWII)
single-attached concentrator. FDDI or CDDI concentrator that connects to the network by being cascaded from the master port of another FDDI or CDDI concentrator.
A concentrator that offers one S port for attachment to the FDDI network and M ports for the attachment of stations or other concentrators.
single attachment concentrator. An FDDI concentrator that is connected to only one ring (usually the primary).
Southwest Area Center. Center located in Sullivan, Mo., used as site for variety of courses and continuing education programs.
Special Area for Conservation
Statistical Area Classification
Senior Aircraftwoman
Senior Aircraftman
Senior Aircraftsman
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The Sauks or Sacs (oθaakiiwaki in their own language or Ozaagii(-wag) in Ojibwe from where their French and English names are derived) are a group of First Nations/Native Americans.
The privilege formerly enjoyed by the lord of a manor, of holding courts, trying causes, and imposing fines.
a member of the Algonquian people formerly living in Wisconsin in the Fox River valley and on the shores of Green Bay
The total cost of singing up a new customer; often used by mobile phone networks.... more on: SAC (subscriber acquisition cost)
Subscriber Acquisition Costs
Subscriber acquisition cost. The total cost of signing up a new customer; often used by mobile phone networks.... more on SAC
Solid alkylation catalyst. Conventional butane alkylation processes use sulfuric or hydrofluoric acid as catalysts. For many years, catalyst developers have searched for a solid catalyst that could be used for this application. Several candidates, and associated processes, have emerged, but none has yet shown itself economically competitive with the liquid acids. This situation may well change in the next decade.
(Scaling All-Correlation) empirical scaling of contribution of dynamic correlation to bond strengths. See Truhlar, Gordon, et. al.
State assistance contract. In DEC's brownfield program, the official agreement between a municipality and the state that outlines both party's responsibility for a brownfield investigation and/or cleanup.
in Solaria Binaria, the container of all that can be included in Solaria Binaria, and later on the Solar System; as distinguishable from the medium of space external to it.
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student governing body.
This is the MARSS code that determines how or why a student is enrolled in this district. Every record has a SAC code.
Student Asset Contribution. The portion of the EFC that is expected from any assets (cash, checking, savings, investments, trust fund, etc.) in the student's name.
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Sorry all close
Seminars in Academic Computing (no apostrophe in Directors Seminar)
Salvage and Container
Skystar equipment that contains the satellite transmission facility components and data network components.
Statement of Aerobatic Competency
Scottish Agricultural College
State Assignor Coordinator - The person in charge of the Assignment program. The SAC coordinates activities between assignors as needed across the state. Contact the SAC.
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Space or chamber inside an ovary, anther or fruit.
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Supplemental Audio Channel. See SPS.
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Second Amended Complaint
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Latin saccus = a sack.
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sea anchor, example: they are flopping out the sac, or they are sitting the sac.
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Abbreviation for the Sacramento Kings
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Schedule at Completion.
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see bladder
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Short for Sacagawea Dollar.
See Securities Industry Automation Corporation
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security and access control
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See 2d Sack.
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See Sacs.
sacrif -- sacrifice