Definitions for "Pac"
Federal law prohibits incorporated associations from making campaign contributions to candidates for federal offices. The establishment of a PAC allows individuals with similar interests to combine and direct their individual contributions to political candidates who share those interests.
Province Alumnae Chair. Alpha Chi Omega alumna who is assigned by the National Council to oversee the alumnae chapters in a given province (usually a grouping of states); term is usually two years.
Public Advisory Committee - A group o f community leaders, and public officials representing the population of the study area who assist in planning goals and objectives, evaluating alternative plans, selecting recommended courses of action, and setting priorities. They represent community interests and contribute valuable information to project sponsors about the location, design, and implementation of proposed improvements.
Planned amortization class. (1) The class of CMO that has the most stable cash flows and the lowest prepayment risk of any class of CMO Because of a stable cash flow, it is considered the least risky CMO (2) A CMO bond class that stipulates cash flow contributions to a sinking fund. A PAC directs principal payments to the sinking fund on a priority basis in accordance with a predetermined payment schedule, with prior claim to the cash flows before other CMO classes. Similarly, cash flows received by the trust in excess of the sinking fund requirement are also allocated to other bond classes. The prepayment experience of the PAC is therefore very stable over a wide range of prepayment experience.
A CMO class designed to pay investors scheduled payments over a range of constant prepayment speeds.
"Planned Amortization Class"; a CMO tranche structured to be insulated from prepayment variability for a specified range of prepayment speed. Other tranches, known as support tranches (or "companions"), absorb most of the prepayment variability.
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The Public Access Catalog that displays the holdings for a library or group of libraries within a library. Also known as OPAC.
Public Access Catalog May be used interchangeably with the term OPAC. May also mean a catalog of library holdings which is not online.
Public Access Catalog. An electronic "card catalog" for the public. This can be a CD catalog of a fixed set of data or it can be an online catalog connected directly to the library computer files. Public access can be in the library or by dial -up.
See privilege attribute certificate.
Privilege Attribute Certificate; the portion of a principal's DCE 1.0 security credentials that provides information about the principal's identity (UUID) and privileges (group memberships). See Privilege (Authorisation) Service (PS) .
privilege attribute certificate. A certificate specifying the attributes of a client that a server uses to grant or deny access to its protected objects. See DCE Security Model .
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PPTP Access Concentrator (see PPTP)
The PAC is the box that calls/answers the phone call and relays the PPP frames to the PNS (PPTP Network Server). A PAC must have IP and dial-up capability.
Patriot Advanced Capability
Pan Africanist Congress, a black anti-apartheid political group that broke away from the ANC in 1959. The PAC did not take part in Codesa, although it has undertaken bilateral negotiations with the government. Unlike the ANC, the PAC has not suspended the armed struggle against apartheid.
Pan-African Congress
a legal means by which interested individuals with common goals, like a trade association, ban together for the purposes of political action
Personal Access Code. This is your secret number that you will be asked to enter, parts of, when you sign onto AIB Phone & Internet Banking as part of the authentication process. Never reveal your PAC details to anyone. AIB will never email you requesting your Banking or Logon Details.
Project Accounting Code A special number that you dial when making 1+ calls that appears on your bill advice to allocate time and costs to tasks. Verified PACs also provide security against unauthorized use. This is an optional service mainly used by businesses.
This code is issued by a customer's mobile phone service provider if the customer wants to transfer their mobile number to a new network.
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polyanionic cellulose
Each accelerator laboratory has a PAC to conduct rigorous reviews on proposed experiments and advise the laboratory director on the laboratory's program.
Perceptual Audio Encoder. A 5.1-channel surround-sound system developed by Bell Laboratories, and designed originally to compete in the broadcast realm with Europe's Musicam and Dolby's AC-3 systems.
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Programme Activity Centre
Processing and Archiving Centre; a concept which evolved from the PAF's of the ERS era. Their development and implementation is funded on a national basis while the operation for the services defined in the Payload Data Segment concept is provided by ESA.
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Package Provision
Provisional Acceptance Chile
Protected access credentials. Credentials that are either automatically or manually provisioned and used to perform mutual authentication with the RADIUS server during EAP-FAST authentication. PACs are created by the Cisco Secure ACS server and are identified by an ID. A user obtains his or her own copy of the PAC from the server, and the ID links the PAC to the profile created in ADU. When manual PAC provisioning is enabled, the PAC file is manually copied from the server and imported onto the client device.
Abbreviation for Premature Atrial Contraction. A common and generally benign arrhythmia that occurs even in people with normal heart rhythm. A PAC is a heartbeat that comes from some other area than the sinus node. It feels like a skipped or extra heart beat.
A kind of moccasin, having the edges of the sole turned up and sewed to the upper.
prescribed annuity contract. In Canada, a kind of annuity that meets the criteria established by the Income Tax Regulations to qualify as exempt from accrual taxation.----------[ Back
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Houses the Intel Itanium CPU.
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see Photoactive Compound.
Prudential Assurance Company
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SB Studio II Package
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Port-A-Cath; i.e., Portable Catheter
P1-derived artificial chromosome
A derivative of phage P1 engineered as a cloning vector for carrying large inserts.
Patients Accelerating Change Project - PAC helps the move towards a Patient-led NHS by creating a culture that promotes patients and staff working together.
Project assistance coefficient. The ratio, generally expressed as a percentage, of the net benefits of a project or activity measured in financial prices to the net benefits of the project or activity measured in economic prices. See also Effective assistance ratio.
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Pre Authorized Check or Monthly Bank Draft
Pre Authorized Credit
See Pre-Authorized Check.
Formally organized units developed within interest groups to raise money and make contributions to election campaigns -- activities that interest groups are forbidden from doing by law.
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on East Campus.
Refers to Partial Aperture Calibration.
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Pest Animal Control
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Post-Acute Care
Personnel and Administration Center
production activity control. The activities related to scheduling, releasing and tracking production orders and schedules, and reporting the materials and resources used and the results of the production process.
Powdered Activated Carbon (water treatment)
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Pacific Air Forces
Position of Balanced Forces. The three possible Pacs are the following: 1 to 1 Pac, 2 to 2 Pac, 3 to 3 Pac
Product Application Component. An electronic application form that can be submitted directly into another companies back office system.