Definitions for "Accrual"
The recording on the books of account, in a given period, of expenses or charges incurred and/or of income earned for the period, to reflect the matching of income and expenses to the fullest extent possible, independent of the dates on which settlements of such items are made.
The accounting principal of matching of costs to the revenues they generate.... more on: Accrual
Accounting The accrual method of accounting records income when the sale occurs, regardless of when you actually receive the payment. Expenses are recorded when the goods or services are rece ived, regardless of when they are paid. In other terms, with the accrual method, income and expenses are counted when it is expected, and not when the money is received or disbursed.
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The number of patients entered in a study.
The process of enrolling patients in a clinical research study (trial), or the number of patients already enrolled in a trial or anticipated to enroll in a trial.
The percentage of subjects participating in a study through to completion.
The accumulation of frequent traveler program miles and points through actual travel, partner bonuses and special promotions.
the act of accumulating
The date on which interest charges on an educational loan begin to accumulate (or accrue). Cornell loan interest accrues monthly, other lenders have a daily interest accrual.
Transactions recorded in the system to indicate that a bureau has ordered and received goods/services but has not yet paid for the goods/services (i.e., a liability).
a liability indicating that the water company will need to carry out higher levels of maintenance sometime in the future for which it has already been remunerated
Is the process of recording a transaction arising from goods received and accepted or services performed by September 30 that would normally not be recorded, in our normal processing cycle, until the next fiscal year. Accruals are done so that UCAR can comply with government regulations that require UCAR to accurately reflect our financial position at the end of the fiscal year in our audited financial statements.
The apportionment of premiums and discounts on forward exchange transactions that relate directly to deposit swap (Interest Arbitrage) deals , over the period of each deal.
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to inventory
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monies deposited into a co-op marketing fund
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Amount of back benefits due.
The sum of child support payments that are due or overdue.
Accrual is derived from the verb , which describes the gathering or clustering of things together over time, as atoms, or it describes a general increase in number, as in interest.
An acquisition additional to series already held.
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The method of accruing interest on the loan. This is stated either as "30/360" or "Actual/360"