Definitions for "Discounts"
reduction to the gross price that a buyer is charged for goods. Including early payment discounts, quantity discounts, and loyalty discounts.
Discounts for early payment range from 4% if paid in November, to 3% if paid in December, to 2% if paid in January, to 1% if paid in February.  If gross tax paid in March, no discount applies. For payments made by mail, discounts are based on the postmark of the envelope. A discount for payments made in person are based on the actual date payment is received. Enterprise Zone -   A federal initiative, designed to create economic opportunity andrebuild poverty-stricken communities, that allows ad valorem tax exemptions applicable to business entities within designated areas.  This program is designed to empower people and communities to create jobs and opportunities.
Reductions in your car insurance premium for a variety of reasons Ask the insurer what discounts are available
a wholesale Liqudation company
Your premium might be lowered if you fulfill certain requirements.
Your premium may be lowered if the the insured party fulfills certain requirements.
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Selling Accounts Receivable or Bad Debts at an amount normally in excess of 5 1 % of the outstanding balance. Many times these sales are made to companies that specialize in buying these types of "dead assets."
Allowance subtracted from total sales for trade discounts. Used in the calculation of net sales. Back to main document.
A term used in relation to closed-end funds describing the difference between the fund's net asset value and its market price.
You can give customers discounts based on their level of system usage. You can define one set of discounts for all customers, or different discounts for different customers.
Discounts taken by customers when they pay the factor. Such discounts reduce the reserve below the original reserve percentage. For example, if a customer only pays $900 instead of $1,000 as the original amount agreed to and invoiced.