Definitions for "asset"
Any item of economic value owned by an individual or corporation, especially...
Assets are things owned by a person that have cash value. This can include homes, cars, boats, savings and investments.
Any item or possesion of monetary value that is legally owned by a person. Assets can include real or personal property, and enforceable claims against others including bank accounts, stocks, mutual funds, etc.
A resource - person, group, relationship, instrument, installation, or supply - at the disposition of an terrorist organization for use in an operational or support role. Often used with a qualifying term such as suicide asset or surveillance asset. Based upon JP 1-02 asset (intelligence).
A clandestine source or method, usually an agent.
1. Any resource-a person, group, relationship, instrument installation, supply-at the disposition of an intelligence agency for use in an operational or support role. 2. A person who contributes to a clandestine mission but is not a fully controlled agent (ICS 1989).
A valuable thing that you have.
In community development terms, a positive element on which to build; the valuable legacy of the past. See also its opposite, Concern.
a valuable possession; all property of a person or business that can be applied to cover liabilities
A piece of equipment that has a unique number assigned to it. The asset number is usually stamped or affixed to the equipment and may have been done so by either the original manufacturer or by the organization. The asset number may be any combination of numbers or letters.
An item of equipment acquired under the leasing facility that is recorded as a discrete entity in the Macquarie IT database. Each asset is assigned an Macquarie IT asset number, identified on a bar coded label, that is affixed by the supplier prior to delivery. NB. For desktop PCs the CPU and monitor are recorded as separate assets.
Any significant piece of equipment or space in your organization: what maintenance departments maintain.
Any property capable of being seized and forfeited.
all the property of a person available for paying debt.
Property and possessions that can be used to secure a debt.
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Something that puts money in your pocket -- with minimum labor.
Component of a business process. Assets can include people, accommodation, computer systems, networks, paper records, fax machines, etc.
As per Rich Dad's definition: Something that puts money in your pocket whether you work or not. Assets include real estate, businesses, and paper assets such as stockks, bonds, and mutual funds.
ASSET is an open source Java application providing support to the modelling of maritime tactics. User-defined performance files can be used to replace the generic data used for ships, submarines, weapons, sensors, and helos.
1.2] The CMS GUI name for an uploaded file stored as a child of a Document. Assets were associated with a Document. This caused major headaches for users because the DocumentID of the Parent Document was required in the URL to link to the Asset. [1.4] Any non-XML Resource. Stored in Content as a Resource.
Sharable resource or raw media file
Unit of storage in a StudioCentral 2.0 archive system. Each asset consists of descriptive information such as the title and duration; digital media data, if the asset has content; and an index, if required by the content format. For example, each movie, commercial, trailer, thumbnail, and so on, stored in a StudioCentral 2.0 archive system is an asset. Assets may consist of only descriptive information if those assets are used to group other assets.
In the context of foreign exchange is the right to receive from a counterparty an amount of currency either in respect of a balance sheet asset (e.g. a loan) or at a specified future date in respect of an unmatched forward Forward or spot deal.
Audiometric testing
A group of tests developed by American College Testing and required at many two-year colleges as part of the course placement and advising process. The tests measure a student's reading, writing, and mathematical skills and are administered by the college.
Assignment Affidavit Acre
Any artifact of the software development process that is "packaged" in a manner that encapsulates effort, experience, and/or expertise. An asset may consist of executable code, software components, documention, requirements, models, patterns, web services, and test artifacts. To be considered an asset the work products must have an assigned value in a managed environment.
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Standard Yot assessment tool
Assessment framework developed by the Youth Justice Board and used nationally by Youth Offending Teams.
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any reusable entity in the software life cycle process (e.g ., a software package, tool, or routine).
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Admissions Examination
A general term used to describe the content, features, capabilities or services offered at a Website. Example: "How many e-commerce assets do we deploy on the site?"
For information security purposes, asset is taken to mean any device on which information is stored, viewed or manipulated. This definition excludes tables and chairs, but includes safes and computer rooms.
Although the term can be used in a variety of ways, in this website, we define assets as the status, condition, behavior, knowledge, skill or understanding, which are known (based on research) to promote health and self-sufficiency. See also Health/Healthy
Everything comprising your website is considered an asset. Examples are pages, tables, cells and users.
the data being protected by encryption - either a disk, partition, or a file
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A general term describing any type of digital media (including graphic, page layout, presentation, sound, and video files) used for a project. Compare with Digital media.
Assessment of Significant Safety Events Team
Automated System Support for Employment and Training
A feature that contributes to the strength of a position, (points).
Interest which is paid on accumulated interest as well as the original principal invested.
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Any article or separable part of one's assets.