Definitions for "standard"
A flag; colors; a banner; especially, a national or other ensign.
The upper petal or banner of a papilionaceous corolla.
A banner used by armies to rally there troops in battle or carried in parades.
The proportion of weights of fine metal and alloy established by authority.
Hence: Having a recognized and permanent value; as, standard works in history; standard authors.
An accepted measurable expectation, example, or way of doing things to which people, organisations or processes should conform. A standard indicates a threshold or criteria against which performance can be measured to demonstrate quality.
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A description of what is required for a particular variety or breed of cat.
The official blueprint for a breed.
the ideal in terms of which something can be judged; "they live by the standards of their community"
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A tree of natural size supported by its own stem, and not dwarfed by grafting on the stock of a smaller species nor trained upon a wall or trellis.
Not supported by, or fastened to, a wall; as, standard fruit trees.
Not of the dwarf kind; as, a standard pear tree.
That which is established by authority as a rule for the measure of quantity, extent, value, or quality; esp., the original specimen weight or measure sanctioned by government, as the standard pound, gallon, or yard.
That which is established as a rule or model by authority, custom, or general consent; criterion; test.
Being, affording, or according with, a standard for comparison and judgment; as, standard time; standard weights and measures; a standard authority as to nautical terms; standard gold or silver.
See internal standards.
A category of dances in International Style ballroom competitions. Sometimes in the context of competitions it is called Ballroom or International Ballroom, confusing as it might be. It includes Waltz (also called Slow Waltz), Tango, Foxtrot (also called Slowfox), Quickstep, Viennese Waltz. This category loosely corresponds to the Smooth category of American Style ballroom.
This is the International Standard style. This includes Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot and Quickstep.
Ratio of the number of events observed in the study group or population to the number of deaths expected if the study population had the same specific rates as the standard population, multiplied by 100. Last, 1988
Current average performance characteristic (any wasteful use included). Usually used to project budgets by reference to future expected activity levels and weather.
A description of the expected level of performance that describes minimum competence in relation to a critical score or other measure of student performance.
In life insurance, an underwriting classification for coverage written on a basis of the regular mortality and underwriting assumptions used by an insurer. (See also "Preferred Risk," "Rated" and "Declined.")
A risk class designation for smokers whose health profiles are likely to result in average mortality risks. [Also see risk class and health profile.
An underwriting rate classification for non-smokers who have minor health impairments.
a traditional unit of volume used in northern Europe to measure the volume of finished lumber. The standard equals 165 cubic feet, which is equivalent to 1980 board feet or about 4.672 cubic meters.
a board measure = 1980 board feet
a benchmark or norm for measuring performance
This is an equipment generally included in the base list price of an automobile.
This refers to equipment that is included in the base list price of an automobile.
The Standard was an Italian automobile manufactured from 1906 until 1908 by the Fabbrica Automobili Standard of Torino. The company produced a 10/14 hp four-cylinder which was sometimes marketed under the name FAS.
An upright support, as one of the poles of a scaffold; any upright in framing.
an upright pole or beam (especially one used as a support); "distance was marked by standards every mile"; "lamps supported on standards provided illumination"
1) An adjustable or swinging mirror carried on uprights. 2) A frame which carries a table or case piece.
Specifications that are intended to become Internet Standards evolve through a set of maturity levels known as the standards track. These maturity levels are "Proposed Standard", "Draft Standard", and "Standard".
Uniform specification for delivery, material, dimensions, tolerance, etc. of seamless stainless steel tubes.
a client-side API specification that provides interoperability between multiple ODMA-compliant clients or applications operating on a single vendor's (proprietary) document management system
a well known song or tune which as far as we know is unattributable
A tune universally accepted and played by many jazz musicians. Many standards are tin pan alley and Broadway songs from the 30s, 40s and 50s. Others are strictly jazz compositions by such as Monk, Parker, Coltrane and Davis which have become accepted as standards (these are called jazz standards). A professional jazz musician is expected to know many, many standards.
a tune that has become a jazz classic.
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a combination of FDMA and CDMA
a combination of FDMA (frequency division multiple access) and TDMA
a radiation source with a known number of disintegrations per minute (dpm)
a radiation source with a known quantity of dpm
a dialect given prestige by a group
Prestige form of language preferred in public communication and formal registers. Varieties of World Englishes often have their own standard.
conforming to or constituting a standard of measurement or value; or of the usual or regularized or accepted kind; "windows of standard width"; "standard sizes"; "the standard fixtures"; "standard brands"; "standard operating procedure"
a commonly accepted definition of a service (e
a conceptual boundary between acceptable and non-acceptable performance
a description of precise behaviors or actions that form a methodology
As used in the context of Medicaid eligibility determinations, the dollar amount of income or resources that an individual is allowed to have and qualify for Medicaid. For example, states must cover all pregnant women with family incomes at or below 133 percent of the federal poverty level (FPL), or $19,458 ($1,622 per month) for a family of 3 in 2001. In determining whether a pregnant woman meets this income standard, a state must count her income; the methodology that the state applies will determine what types of income are counted and what income (if any) is disregarded.
Testing Laboratory test methodology for determining relative properties of materials at specific conditions.
A prescribed documented method or process that is sustainable, repeatable and predictable.
A generic, all-encompassing term used to describe documents that provide a specified set of mandatory or discretionary rules, requirements, or conditions concerned with performance, design, operation, or measurements of quality to accomplish a specific task. Standards may include federal laws, regulations, state laws, federal agency directives, national and internal technical standards, codes of conduct, or organizational "internal use only" documents.
a document that is used by jurisprudence to settle disputes
A standard represents an agreed upon response to a recurring problem—perceived, anticipated, or "real," and codifies the response for the purpose of communication. The standard is the result of a problem–solving process. It involves agreements among stakeholders who have an interest in adopting specific responses to the problem. Conformant use of the standard leads to predictable results and a reduction of uncertainty.
a codified way of performing a function
A "standard" at STAR CASE is a case design we've built many times before.
A "standard" is a case design we've built many times before. Standard Catch - The standard arrangement of a heavy-duty twist catch as mounted on a case. Anything deviating from the standard arrangement, which varies from case style and type, constitutes a "reverse" catch. See also, Reverse Catch.
a bad thing, because potentially, your cells are too strong
an agreement to do things a certain way
a very nice, abstract thing that does not exist in reality
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The sheth of a plow.
conforming to the established language usage of educated native speakers; "standard English" (American); "received standard English is sometimes called the King's English" (British)
There is a British Standard (kite mark) that covers walkingsticks made for the National Health Service. It is BS EN 1985. 1999 Walking Aids - General Requirements and Test Methods Partially Supersedes BS 4997: 1991, BS 5181:1975 and BS 5205: 1990; (N)
See British Standard.
See Part II, 45 CFR 160.103.
A prescribed set of rules, conditions, or requirements describing the following information for products, systems, services or practices: Classification of components. Specification of Materials, performance, or operations. Delineation of procedures. [45 CFR 160.103
specification that has been agreed-upon by enough parties or given a stamp of approval by an industry body.
a mutually agreed designation that helps to ensure a consistent result
an agreed minimum below which practise must not fall
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Regex Library Bundled library enabled Dynamic Library Support enabled Path to sendmail /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i Directive Local Value Master Value
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A maille collar common in the 15th Century.
Mail collar
Mail: New name for the merger of third-class mail and fourth-class mail as one class under Classification Reform implementation of July 1, 1996.
Formerly Third Class Mail. As of 7/1/97, the class name was changed. This class is for mailpieces weighing under 16 oz., and are primarily advertising or informational in nature. No specific personal items (bills, invoices, statements, etc.) are allowed.
Mail: Bulk advertising mail formerly known as Third- Class Mail.
an engineering tool not an academic treatis
a treaty between implementor and programmer
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Any value designated as a basis for comparing other values, like the negative is a standard for comparing the positive, vice versa.
an important milestone in grid," said Dan Powers, vice president of Grid strategy for IBM
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a must, the automatics are gutless
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Latest ESD standard is IEC 61340-5-1 and IEC 61340-5-2.
(With a capital S:) n. The ANSI/ISO C Standard, ANSI X3.159-1989 or ISO/IEC 9899:1990 (see question 11.1). adj. Refers to something which is compatible with that Standard.
See distributed object standard, object-oriented design, module, reusability, scalability, application programmer's interface, and graphical user interface.
an optimized interface for SFF storage in consumer electronics
a parallel interface
A standard door potentially fits an array of bathing and showering fixtures. STERLING baths and showers range from 32" to 64" wide. Shower receptors are available from 32" to 60" wide and in shapes for installation with alcove or space-saving neo-angle enclosures. More than likely, there is a STERLING bath or shower door to fit these standard openings.
In our descriptons we describe a lot of promos and other special issues, this is the word that tells you there is nothing special about this item! The standard release is that which anyone could buy in the high street record shops
A technologies or product that has achieved a level of market saturation such...
a blueprint for products so, whereas there is only one implementation of ASP and one of PHP, there are dozens of XML products to chose from
an agreement by the industry to make a product or to run a service in a specified (i
a direct result of the commitment and motivation of the whole team at RHL and we are all absolutely delighted to receive it
a statement that defines a goal of practice
A keyword used in #pragma ETPU_function statements to indicate Standard Channel Encoding.
a contract between implementers and users, to make it possible for users to write portable code
a fairly comprehensive one in terms of distributed objects, and there are CORBA implementations out there that provide many more services and distribution options than RMI or Java
A non-upgraded Airsoft model
A model for action that provides a sense of direction and clarification of significant issues
A universally or widely authorised and freely available (i.e. non-proprietary) file format, computer code or language. e.g. WAV or MP3 are standard audio file formats; html is a standard language for building web pages.
a common language that promotes the flow of goods between buyer and seller and protects the general welfare
a common language to classify data so one computer can interact and transfer data to another
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a crucial strategic for us
a significant expansion of the FRB and Treasury's capacity to consider the competitive realities of our nation's financial marketplace when determining permissible activities for financial holding companies and financial subsidiaries
Generally speaking, a description of what students should know and be able to do
What a student should know and be able to do at a certain grade level
a description of the physical and biological conditions or degree of function required for healthy, sustainable lands (e.g., land health standards).
a level of performance that may be adopted as an option, but a code is a mandate imposed by some authority
The lowest qualification level at which a Visa or MasterCard transaction may interchange. This occurs when a transaction is deposited several days after the original authorization and is not swiped.
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USDA grade designation below Good for beef and veal.
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the school years of a Kenyan primary school are arranged in Standards. The 4 year olds come into Standard 1 and Standard 8 is full of 11-18 year olds depending on how many years they've had to repeat during their school life.
a recombinant RNA that is caged in a ribonuclease resistant structure
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a bit weird in places
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Functions to create standard matrices
Manufactured by the company that does the flashiest advertising.
Resolution of 203 x 98 dpi. it is used for most typewritten text and then the transmission speed is normal.
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This term refers to a standard wire wrapping gun which does not have ABF.
an ideology, abstract, not a particular set variety
An item's characteristic or set of characteristics generally accepted by the manufacturers and users of the item as a required characteristic for all such items.
The characteristics required for each variety, for which 100 points are given.
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a framework that allows the different parts of a system to work together, says Shahab
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a broad, or generic, goal
a tested model with a broad community of support and adoption which mitigates the risk that companies will not be able to support their document structures and DTD's over time
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1/4£¬¹æ¸ñ supervises 1/4à¶1/2
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Brand of horseshoes from 1890 until around 1940.
a voluntary code for ensuring the protection of consumer privacy and is a world-respected cornerstone for addressing privacy issues
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An inverted knee timber placed upon the deck instead of beneath it, with its vertical branch turned upward from that which lies horizontally.
a regulation for (in this case) the building industry, regarding materials, workmanship and structures
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A vertical support post which helps to hold up the awning frame.
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polynomial is in standard form, when it is written as a sum of powers.
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Usual, common, customary.
a technical expression of how to make a product safe, efficient, and compatible with others
a very technical manual, in terms of installation, maintenance and inspections, but it does provides valuable information for any establishment that has or wishes to have this type of equipment as part of the facilities available for children
A prepared sample with a known value.
A sample with a known concentration of some compound X that is to be determined by an LC procedure. The concentration of X in a sample is determined by comparing its peak size with the peak size of the standard, usually by comparing the area underneath the peak.
Synonym of 'Normal' and 'Good'. Cultural dependent notion.
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a metal fence post used to mark a trail
The basis for assessment of a candidate's evidence. This explains what has to be tested or assessed, not what needs to be studied.
a must for building owners, managers, facilities managers, tenants, appraisers, architects, leasing professionals, lending institutions and others when calculating leases, allocating building expenses to cost centers, or comparing occupancy
a formal presentation of a protocol that has been sanctioned by some official body
a better safeguard against people contracting cancer should materials escape
commonly used or supplied; "standard procedure"; "standard car equipment"
A full-size car.
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2 years parts and labor, return to factory.
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A large drinking cup.
User-specified open intervals for a typical day at a workstation.
a way of recording a common ground definition of some system at some (extended) moment in time
Each individual has the right to an adequate standard of living.
an agreement on how something is done, such that several components can work together
a way for something to work
a mixture that contains an exact known concentration
a concept of common agreement that enables people to communicate with each other in order to efficiently organize themselves for the business of living
A strip of wood used to resemble panelling on a vehicle body's sides...
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a choice that you make about how you will behave or what you will have in your environment
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regularly and widely used or sold; "a standard size"; "a stock item"
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a moving target
Strong cultures Systems development
a mechanism or process used to implement a policy
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the value behind the money in a monetary system
an example of a nitrogen-containing organic material
Insurance applicants displaying potential average loss experience.
A term referring to certain normal amounts and maturities for dealing.
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Any equipment or feature that is included in a vehicle’s base list price Read more
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a coding convention that you must follow
an example of such a third-generation wireless communication system