Definitions for "Functions"
Stand-alone, reusable segments of program code that are not part of an object.
Named bodies of code.
are blocks of reusable code that can be passed parameters and can return a value. For example, the getProperty function is passed the name of a property and the instance name of a movie clip, and it returns the value of the property. The getVersion function returns the version of the Flash Player currently playing the movie.
Instructions which invoke machine-level microprograms. They usually perform relatively complicated "functions,", like removing all extraneous blanks from a string or converting dates to alternate formats, serving part of a larger statement. See Chapter 1.
Formulas have to be calculated and created manually and can be very complicated. Functions are predefined formulas based on a number of regularly used calculations, such as tax or inflation rates. Using functions means you will rarely need to create a custom formula.
built-in formulas in a spreadsheet
A function is a symbolic atom that is bound to a rule or several rules. A function can have none, one, or more arguments. Functions can also have a variable number of arguments. Arguments of functions are arbitrary Yacas objects. Functions can be evaluated, that is, the rules bound to them may be executed. For example, Cos(Pi+0) is an expression that contains two functions and four atoms. The atom Pi is a symbolic atom which is normally not bound to anything. The atom is a numeric atom. The atoms Cos and + are symbolic atoms which are bound to appropriate simplification rules. So these two atoms are functions. Note that these functions have different syntax. Cos is a normal function which takes its arguments in parentheses. The atom + is a function with special syntax because "+" is placed between its arguments and no parentheses are used. The rules to which + is bound are such that the expression Pi+0 is evaluated to the symbolic atom Pi. The rules for Cos are such that the expression Cos(Pi) is evaluated to the numeric atom . The example Yacas session is
Named PL/SQL blocks that return a value and can be called with arguments.
specific tasks that can be done to web pages produced by the McGill WPS (e.g., adding course descriptions to a web page using code supplied by the system)
descriptions of how language is used or definitions of the intent of the communication
Things like agreeing, suggesting, offering and insulting. For example, "Do you like hospital food?" is either asking someone their opinion or warning them to shut their gob.
Major categories in the federal budget, such as defense, agriculture, transportation, and health, organized by the purpose of the spending. Each category is numbered, and each program that is included in the budget carries a number that shows the function or category to which it belongs.
The major activities of an individual's work. Combinations of functions can make up employable skills and can lead to a vocational qualification. Internal Verifiers People appointed by an approved centre who check that candidates are assessed consistently by that centre.
In the organizational sense, a function is a special or major activity (often unique in the organization) that is needed in order for the organization to fulfil its purpose and mission. Examples of functions are design, procurement, personnel, manufacture, marketing, maintenance etc
within the HCC Manager Program, the options controlled by a Manager. Different functions are available to different levels of Managers.
If I write X,P), that means "Y is equal to G, which is a function of X and P." Economists can do a lot just knowing what the variables are in a function, because they make certain restrictive assumptions about about them. If I write F( L, R, T, K; H), that means "F is a function of L, R, T, and K, given the level of H."
Wetland functions refer to the many physical, chemical and biological processes that take place in wetlands.
An object oriented programming concept describing actions that can be performed on an object.
the tasks or actions that software is intended to perform.
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The full range of activities carried out by a public authority to meet its duties. Top of this page
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