Definitions for "Biological"
Of or relating to biology.
related by blood; -- of parents and children; -- contrasted with adoptive, adopted, or foster; as, Mary was adopted directly from the maternity hospital and never met her biological mother.
concerning living things: relating to living organisms.
an organic being
deposit – Water-formed deposits of organisms or their waste products (example: slimes, barnacles, etc.).
Inquiry in which organic life is the subjectmatter, and in which the processes examined are not currently explorable by physical techniques; covers both physiological and behavioral inquiry.
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Biological Pathway Biologics License Application (BLA)
control- Controlling plants, diseases, and animal pests using natural enemies; or inhibiting the reproduction of pests by methods that result in the laying of infertile eggs, etc.
Evolution Changes in the genetic composition of a population through successive generations. (See also "Evolution.")
therapy: Treatment by stimulation of the body's immune defense system.
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An individual's "blood" line.