Definitions for "Toxin"
A poisonous product formed by an organism, such as a pathogenic bacterium, a plant or an animal, usually having a high molecular weight, often a protein or a polysaccharide, but occasionally a low-molecular weight agent such as tetrodotoxin.
Any substance with the potential to cause disease or damage to body tissues.
Any substance that causes harm to living organisms.
a compound that can harm the structure or function of body cells and tissues
a compound that changes the structure of cells and tissues in your body, as well as change how the body cells and tissues function
A chemical that causes cell injury. A more specific microbiological meaning is a bacterial product that provokes injury that is accompanied by an inflammatory or immunological response. The product may be soluble (exotoxin) or associated with the bacterial cell wall (endotoxin).
Toxin is a fictional character, a superhero, in the Marvel Comics universe. He is the third major Symbiote of the Spider-Man series, and the eighth known to have appeared in the comics outside of the Planet of the Symbiotes storyline.
an exciting new cosmetic procedure that can simply, safely and effectively improve frown lines, forehead creases, neck bands and "crows feet
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Toxin is the 1998 suspense thriller book written by Robin Cook.
Toxin defines multipurpose and specific-use DTDs for HTML and markup language syntax and semantics for other languages.
an important virulence factor that increases the cellular damage caused by H
an agent capable of interfering with normal metabolism
a clinically proven alternative to conservative medication or surgery