Definitions for "Syntax"
That part of grammar which treats of the construction of sentences; the due arrangement of words in sentences in their necessary relations, according to established usage in any language.
The rules that govern the structure of statements or instructions in a programming language or in an operating system.
the study of how sentences are formed and of the grammatical rules that govern their formation. the pattern or structure of word order in sentences, clauses, and phrases.
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synthespian SysOp
synthespian sysadmin
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The order in which you must type a command and the elements that follow the command. Advanced Server commands have up to four elements: command name, parameters, switches, and values.
The syntax of a command is how it is written. e.g the readln command is written like so:-- readln (<string value); Back to where you were
Format for entering a given command.
Syntax is a humanist sans-serif typeface designed by the Swiss typeface designer Hans Eduard Meier (born 1922) in 1968, and released by the Linotype foundry in 1969. In the period 1968–1972, Meier worked on additional weights and variations to the Syntax typeface. Meier described Syntax as being a sans-serif face modeled on the Renaissance serif typeface, similar to Bembo.
The North American company SYNTAX was founded in May 2003 and started shipping widescreen HDTV-ready LCD televisions in April 2004. On November 30, 2005 it merged with Brillian Corporation to form the company Syntax-Brillian, NASDAQ symbol: BRLC. On November 21, 2006 the company acquired Vivitar Corporation and now produces televisions under the Olevia and Vivitar brands.
Yacas uses an infix syntax similar to C or Fortran. However, the syntax is entirely user-defined and very flexible. Infix, prefix, postfix operators can be defined, as well as "bodied" functions. This allows to write mathematical expressions more comfortably, for example
the notation used to express an idea
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Syntax is an English electronic music group originally formed by Mike Tournier and Jan Burton in 2002.
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Tel Quel group
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Instructions describing how a data value should be coded and how long a data value may be. For example, NNN-NN-NNNN could be the syntax for coding a Social Security Number where each N represents a digit from 0 through 9.
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This project has been supplanted by SyntaxCMS, available at
a system of linguistic possibilities
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a script, a certain script in a website HTML or sometimes a programme java or whatever, that is wrong or not valid
The specific method by which functions or lines of code are written. Important elements of syntax might include spelling, spacing, and punctuation.
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a uniform way to write code
The way in which BASIC statements are put together.
A statement that contains programming code.
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the section called “Shell syntax
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Connected system or order; union of things; a number of things jointed together; organism.