Definitions for "Binding"
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Anything that binds; a bandage; the cover of a book, or the cover with the sewing, etc.; something that secures the edge of cloth from raveling.
The process and materials used to hold the components of a book together.
The cover of a book, usually, but not always, leather or cloth.
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The careful method players grip and grasp each other to form a secure scrum, ruck, or maul. This is a critical skill to ensure the safety of players.
the smoke-shrouded art form of linking players together in a scrum, ruck, or maul. It looks intimate and often painful but is crucial to stopping broken necks and shattered backs.
The method by which players grip one another to form a maul, ruck, or scrum. A player must bind with at least one arm on a teammate.
The assignment of a command to a key
A binding is made up of one or more key sequences. A command may have a default binding associated with it, which executes that command. Bindings provide a quick and easy way to execute commands.
A key gets its meaning in Emacs by having a binding which is a command (q.v.), a Lisp function that is run when the key is typed. See section ¥­¡1/4¤È¥³¥Þ¥ó¥É. Customization often involves rebinding a character to a different command function. The bindings of all keys are recorded in the keymaps (q.v.). See section ¥­¡1/4¥Þ¥Ã¥×.
A binding is a Magickal working aimed at preventing or limiting the actions of its target. Many regard this as a serious, last resort step due to the ethical implications of interfering with the free will of another.
A magickal spell, which usually involves tying of knots on a cord, to restrain something or someone. Usually this is performed to stop something or someone from harming another or themselves.
Using magick to restrain someone or something, or to 'bind' them to you.
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What occurs when the friction at a joint is stronger than the linkage.
To place under legal obligation by contract or oath. Placing a bid at auction is binding and the bidder is legally bound as outlined in the Terms and Conditions of Sale.
A formal commitment specifying maximum levels at which a GATT member's tariffs on a given product will be set. Tariff bindings provide a major element of stability to international trade by limiting large, unpredictable changes in tariff levels, since other GATT members may be entitled to compensation if a country raises a tariff above the bound rate. Many LDC members of GATT have bound few of their tariffs, however, and others --applying "ceiling bindings" at rates much higher than prevailing tariff levels -- retain considerable leeway to change tariffs at will.
The relationship between a pronoun such as she and its antecedent noun such as Jane as in Jane helped herself, Helen said Jane helped her, etc, is called binding—a complex area of the Universal Grammar theory
Binding theory describes the conditions that identify constituents without independent reference – pronouns and anaphors (reflexives, reciprocals, and the like). See the appendix. bonobo
Binding theory is a term within linguistics which refers to a broad class of theories dealing with the distribution of pronominal elements. The idea that there should be a specialised, coherent theory dealing with this particular set of phenomena originated in work in transformational grammar in the 1970s. This work culminated in government and binding theory (a general theory of innate linguistic structure) whose version of the binding theory is still considered a reference point, though it is no longer current.
Agreement to maintain a particular tariff level against increase or change. In trade negotiations, binding a tariff is considered equivalent to a significant reduction in the level.
See tariff binding.
A binding estimate is made when the mover is able to evaluate your goods and offer you a fixed price that cannot be altered. A non-binding estimate is the carrier's approximation of the cost based on the estimated weight of the shipment and the accessorial services requested. A non-binding estimate is not binding on the carrier and the final charges will be based on the actual weight and tariffs in effect.
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The connector between the ski boot and the ski. In the event of a fall, the skier is able to twist out of the binding to release the ski.
(Jargon Rating= 2) To bale- The hardware that keeps the rider attached to their ski or board
The device that locks your boots to your board. Highback bindings are used with soft boots, and plate bindings are used with hard boots.
Definition: The connection between a form control and a model item and an instance data item, represented as a binding expression.
The connection between a model item in the XForms Model and a form control in the XForms User Interface, or other presentation. Can also refer to the connection between a model item and its representation as a instance data item.
From XForms 1.0 ( 2003-10-14) A "binding" connects an instance data node to a form control or to a model item constraint by using a binding expression as a locater. An [XPath 1.0] PathExpr used in a binding.
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(1) The process of creating a program by packaging Integrated Language Environment (ILE) modules and resolving symbols passed between those modules. For example, before you can run your application program, a relationship between the program and any referred-to tables and views must be established. (2) In the context of DRDA, the process of creating an SQL package on an application server (AS).
the relation between a symbol and its value
The process of creating a program by packaging Integrated Language Environment (ILE) modules and resolving symbols passed between those modules. In the Distributed Computing Environment (DCE), a relationship between a client and a server involved in a remote procedure call.
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Binding: The mover quotes a flat price based upon a given inventory. No matter how long the job takes, the flat price is always paid. It is given only when an onsite estimate is performed Non-Binding: These estimates are based upon the movers' previous experience of jobs similar to yours. As the name suggests, these estimates are subject to change Hourly Rates: Customers are charged by the hour per man, per truck
Binding: The shipper quotes a flat price based upon a given weight and inventory. No matter the circumstances, this flat price is always paid. It is given only when a written estimate is made. Non-binding: These estimates are based upon the shippers' previous experience of cargos similar to yours. As the name suggests, these estimates are subject to change. Container Rates: Customers are charged a flat fee, by container volume.
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As a verb, the act of associating a column in a result set or a parameter in an SQL statement with an application variable. As a noun, the association.
The connection of a software component to another, usually a user interface, so that a user may make use of it. In AIPS++, binding is often accomplished using Glish, and the Distributed Object interface.
The association of a client and a server.
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A binding decision means that both parties in a dispute are obligated to accept it. If a decision is non-binding, you can reject it and try other avenues, including, in some areas, small claims court.
A legally enforceable decision or agreement resulting from a dispute resolution process.
tying a party to an agreement or contract I would not regard Robinson v NBS (1916) as a binding decision on that question (Lord Reid in Hedley Byrne) NB: a decision is binding ON someone.
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oƒCƒ‹Eƒm[ƒh‚̃z[ƒ€EƒAƒhƒŒƒXA‹C•tƒAƒhƒŒƒXAƒŒƒWƒXƒgƒŒ[ƒVƒ‡ƒ“Eƒ‰ƒCƒtƒ^ƒCƒ€iƒ‚ƒrƒŠƒeƒBEƒG[ƒWƒFƒ“ƒg‚ª‚»‚̃oƒCƒ“ƒfƒBƒ“ƒO‚ð—˜—p‚·‚éŠúŠÔj‚̂‚̐”'lB ST16‚̃oƒCƒ“ƒfƒBƒ“ƒO‚́AST16ã‚Ì•¨—ƒ|[ƒg‚Ƀo[ƒ`ƒƒƒ‹EƒCƒ“ƒ^ƒtƒF[ƒX‚ðŠÖ˜A•t‚¯‚éB‚±‚̃vƒƒZƒX‚́AƒCƒ“ƒ^ƒtƒF[ƒX‚ÉŠÖ˜A•t‚¯‚ç‚ê‚1/2•¨—ƒ|[ƒg‚ð'Ê‚¶‚1/2ƒRƒ“ƒeƒLƒXƒg‚©‚ç‚̃gƒ‰ƒtƒBƒbƒN‚ð‹–‰Â‚·‚éB
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That binds; obligatory.
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Flexible stems or wire laced along the top of a hedge to hold the pleachers in place. Also known as edders, ethering, heathers, heathering or winders.
Wrapping the feet or genitals with string, rope or lace.
binding is an identification of a port or role in an aggregate representation with a port or role in the component or connector that the aggregate represents. Bindings, at present, have very little internal detail; they are not mediating interactions, they are showing that two different elements are really the same element.
Attaching a phone to an IP port on an access device.
The triplet of numbers that contains the mobile node's home address, its care-of address, and the registration lifetime-how long the mobility agents may use the binding. Binding, within the system, creates the association of a virtual interface to a physical port on the system. This process allows the flow of traffic from the context through the physical port that the interface is associated with.
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Technique used on the feet of Chinese girls. Now applied to creativity of writers.
What literally holds the script together. As a writer submitting your manuscript, you might use either brads with cardstock covers or one of a number of other pre-made folders (all available from The Writers Store).
The act or process of one who, or that which, binds.
see bind process.
Construction of the code needed to process a well-defined bit of XML data.
A bad condition where the control ajustments can not move as far as the maximum servo travel. This puts extremely high torque on the servo constantly and can ruin a servo with time.
The transoms, knees, beams, keelson, and other chief timbers used for connecting and strengthening the parts of a vessel.
The consumer of service and the provider establish a dynamic connection, which is established at runtime.
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A bookcover, in any style.
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Narrow material used to bind the cuff on gloves such as drivers' styles and red lined jerseys.
A process that establishes the initial communication channel between the protocol driver and the network adapter card driver.
On an InfoServer system, a function that creates a virtual device unit on a local OpenVMS system.
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The casing of the text block, be it pasteboard or gold-encrusted.
A self imposed specific obligation appearing in a schedule of commitments
imposing a legal obligation. parties forego their right to a trial
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A communication Session involving two or more Computational Objects. source: TINA-C domain: TMN usage: EU-P103
Refers to the way in which an application (requesting application) can refer to objects in another application. Static binding is when the binding occurs at compile time - the reference to the object(s) in the other application are hard-coded in the requesting application. Dynamic binding is when the binding is selected at run-time.
The association of an atomic name with an object reference. For simplicity, an object reference and the object it refers to are used interchangeably in this guide.
The way in which Microsoft Visual Basic code uses Automation to access objects in another application. See also Automation; static binding; dynamic binding.
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The taping down of a genetic female's breasts to hide them. Usually this is practiced by pre-op FtoM transsexuals.
A method of controlling the actions of another. Most often used to control someone from doing harm to themselves, to you or to another. It's important to note that a binding is manipulation and goes against the creed of faith of 'And in it, do harm to none'
site A location (on a receptor or other structure) where a given chemical attatches itself.
An implementation of the Project JXTA protocols for a particular environment (e.g., the J2SE platform binding).
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Bitmapped Bitmapped Font Blanket
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Excess drag when the closure is applied to the bottle. Binding is usually the result of interference.
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Unknown Binding
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A collection of DHCP client options and lease information, managed by the main and backup DHCP servers.
The creation of a model element from a template by supplying arguments for the parameters of the template.
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A molecular interaction.
An affirmation by a Certifying Authority of the relationship between a named entity and its public key.
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See Conditional Premium Receipt.
authority - The authority extended to an agent by an insurer to provide insurance, usually on a temporary basis, until a policy can be written.
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A knot that restricts object(s) by making multiple winds. List of binding knots.
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see Mobility binding.
A mechanical technique of organizing disordered thoughts.
A software connection between a network card and a network transport protocol such as TCP/IP.
For example, an agreement, which is binding cannot be legally avoided or stopped.
specifying a mapping from a name to a particular object
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Edit / See: Data Binding
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See service binding.
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see Out to Binding.