Definitions for "Web Service"
URI addressed network service accessible by standard protocols like HTTP that transports its data in XML format, uses XML schema to identify its datatypes, and has its nature, interface and bindings described by metadata
A unit of application logic that provides data and services to other applications that can be invoked using standard Internet transport protocols such as Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), or File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Web services can perform functions ranging from simple requests to complicated business processes.
An application accessible over the Internet through an XML interface.
a discrete business process
a discrete component of a software program--such as the subroutine that determines a customer's credit limit--that is standardized so that any other computer system can use it
a piece of reusable code that can be invoked over the Internet or on your local network
a bundle of functionality that someone somewhere makes available over the Internet
a piece of business logic, located somewhere on the
a system designed for the sole purpose of sitting somewhere on a network and servicing specific requests from clients
a computational entity which is able (by invocation) to achieve a goal
an abstract notion that must be implemented by a concrete agent
an implementation-independent abstract entity that defines its underlying logic
a beta service when it is on Ontok's production servers, and sufficient time has passed for it be considered reliable
an implementation of a set of edge definitions (policies and contracts and channels) that fronts a service and allows services to
a service that communicates with clients through a set of standard protocols and technologies
a program provided by someone else with input and output parameters strictly defined by WSDL
a component that runs on a Web server and allows client programs to call its methods over HTTP
a component that you can access using the HTTP model to send data and commands, normally called messages, to it
a component you create that encapsulates behavior and can perform specific tasks, like calculating an insurance premium or conducting a securities trade
a collection of functions that are packaged as a single entity and published to the network for use by other programs
a group of functions, packaged together for use in a common framework throughout a network
a set of functions published on a network
a new way to perform remote procedure calls
a way to access server functionality remotely
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a good solution for the problem
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a communication tool
a purposeful collection of Resources