Definitions for "CGI"
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ommon ateway nterface file is a program designed to be run over the web. It is really something else in disguise, like a Perl script, an AWK script Bourne Shell script Java program, or whatever.
Commonly Gateway Interface. It is a set of rules or a standard that describes how a Web server communicates with another piece of software.
An accepted standard by which programs interface with Web servers.
omputer enerated magery. A special-effects technique utilizing computers to generate and animate onscreen imagery. Used correctly, the results can be spectacular (the Jurassic Park series). Used carelessly, the results can be dismal ( The Mummy Returns).
Computer-Generated Imagery
Computer Graphic Imagery.
Commerz Grundinvest-Investmentgesellschaft
Combustible Gas Indicator. Instrument used to determine the potential for combustion or explosion in an unknown atmosphere.
See Combustible Gas Indicator.
COMBUSTIBLE GAS INDICATOR. An instrument used to detect flammable and combustible vapors. A CGI is characterized by a wheatstone bridge, which burns present vapors and may indicate lower and upper explosive limits.
Chief Ground Instructor
Certified Genealogical Instructor
Computer Guided Instruction. 1,2] - refers to the aspects of computer use in education to guide the instructional process. Two subclasses of CGI indicate the form of decision making or guidance involved: CGIT refers to tactical guidance of individual presentation choices. An example of a tactical choice is selecting a particular fact, problem, or example for presentation. CGIS refers to strategic or overall guidance that affects higher level instructional decisions or modes. An example of a strategic instructional decision is choosing parameters for the relative importance of different concepts or facts, or determining what to do about a student's point of confusion or lack of knowledge. The distinction between "guiding" or "managing" instruction is based on whether the choice or advice is given on-line and automatically (guidance) or off-line and for consideration by the teacher (CMI). The adaptive tutor developed in this work exemplifies all three approaches: CGIS, CGIT, and CMI.
Caribbean Gemological Institute
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Mainframe equivalent of the FBI. RB: 3
computer-generated image. I often interchange this term with " FMV" (see separate glossary entry below). I have no clue how to explain either of them or what is the difference between them. ^_^;;;
Consultative Group on Indonesia
Celebrity Galleries International
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Compacted Graphite Iron
Circular Geometry Inspection
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congestion indicator
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See Corrugated Roofing.
CHAP Case sensitivity Channels Click through
Computer Generated Images. This term is most widely used in the movie industry, where CGI allows the creation of scenes, or even complete movies, that were impossible to create only a few years ago
Clinical Global Impressions
cell global identity
CGI is an international company specialising in using innovative approached to deliver improved customer satisfaction in local government.
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Commerce Group Inc
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Government Information Center (Central Library, sixth floor)
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Computer Generated Imaging
Computer Generated Ire.
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Internet Explorer Search Engine
is a bi-directional protocol that allows the transmission of data within an active or dynamic environment.
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The standard method for computers to receive input from users on the WWW.
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See computer graphics.