Definitions for "Handshake"
Requires the recipient of an electronic data record to acknowledge to the sender that the record has been received.
grasping and shaking a person's hand (as to acknowledge an introduction or to agree on a contract)
a short ritual in which two people grasp their right or left hands , often accompanied by a brief shake of the grasped hands
The exchange of predetermined signals between two processes engaged in establishing a connection.
An interlocked sequence of signals between connected components in which each component waits for the acknowledgement of its previous signal before proceeding with its action, such as data transfer.
You want some data? I'll transmit it to your machine. If it's coming in too fast, you tell me to wait so you can catch up. The protocol for doing this is called a handshake, and it usually takes place over a pair of wires on the serial port's RS-232 interface. The computer uses one of the wires to stop or start the transfer of data from the modem, and the modem uses the other wire to start or stop transfer from the computer. The wires used are called CTS and RTS.
a common greeting used by adults of either sex, however, it is generally used upon first meeting someone or greeting someone you have not seen for an extended period of time
a commonly used initial greeting at job interviews and other professional situations
an anchor of a symbol of a friendly greeting
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The protocol that controls the flow of information between a workstation and a printer or any other peripheral. A hardware handshake uses only cable wires and pins to control the flow. A software handshake (also called xon-xoff flow control) uses a combination of pins, wires, and software.
A flow-control, or "go-ahead" signal sent by a local computer to a remote computer when working with a communications program. XON/XOFF is the standard software handshaking method, although it can't be used with remote systems that use a hardware handshaking method.
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HFC network Householder
HFC network HTTP
a gesture of peace
a symbolic gesture of mutual agreement
Part of the procedure to set up a datacommunications link. The handshake can be part of the protocol itself or an introductory process: the computers wishing to talk to each other set out the conditions they can operate under. Sometimes, the handshake is just a warning that a communication is imminent.
In video communications , it is the process in which codecs interoperate using a common algorithm.
In communications, the moment when the transmitting and receiving devices identify themselves to each other.
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an admission of unfamiliarity
The handshake (using rear hands) is the traditional conclusion to the formal fencing bout and lesson. The Salute is the traditional start to a bout and lesson. HIGH LINES: Refers to the upper portion of the target.
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an expression of friendship
a very important nonverbal cue for the employer
a unique connection between people, and when it isn't even possible to do that with a great person anymore, I often question mortality
a lot more familiar and comfortable than a cold web site
an effective way to give someone your cold
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a token of good disposition
It's a special handshake unique to each organization. Only initiated members will know the handshake. Also known as a Grip.
An initial negotiation between client and server that establishes the parameters of their transactions.
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a good indicator of how confident you are
The formal process of one support level or function transferring a service request to another support level to ensure the request remains assigned until resolved.
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See TCP handshake.
(Internet Directory Administrator's Guide; search in this book)
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a physical interaction