Definitions for "TCP"
Transmission Control Protocol. A network protocol that provides communication paths over an IP network.
Transmission control protocol. In the Internet Protocol suite, a standard, connection-oriented, full-duplex, host-to-host protocol used over packet-switched computer communications
_T_ransmission _C_ontrol _P_rotocol. An IP protocol characterized by a stream-oriented approach, with correction, retries, throttling, and a best effort to guarantee that the data gets to the other application in the order that it was sent. Contrast with UDP.
ri- resyl hosphate which is the name as well as the active ingredient in ALCOR'S TCP Fuel Treatment. The purpose of using TCP is to scavenging Tetryl Ethyl Lead from the valves, spark plugs, and combustion chambers of low compression aviation engines using 100LL aviation gasoline.
tri-cresyl phosphate, an anti-wear additive in aviation lubricants (and not the well-known antiseptic, tri-chloro phenol)
TCP is a mild antiseptic, produced and sold in the United Kingdom by Pfizer. The brand name comes from its chemical name, which is trichlorophenol. The liquid form of TCP is one of the most well-known brands of antiseptic in the UK, and its distinctive sweet, medicinal odour can be identified by many as the generic smell of antiseptic.
Telesp Celular Participacoes
Toxin coregulated Pili. Bundle forming pilus of Vibrio cholerae whose expression is co-ordinately regulated with cholera toxin. Receptor for cholera toxin bacteriophage (Lecture: Vibrio cholerae, 3/12/02)
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ape arrier ackage
Tactical Command Post, the location where the operation is launched and commanded, situated away from the ACP where the news media and crowds of curious bystanders usually congregate.
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Terminal Cuenca del Plata
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A sigma/NMDA ligand used in research.
Tropical Cyclone Programme
Tropical Canine Pancytopenia
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Traditional Cultural Property. A site or resource that is eligible for inclusion in the National Register Historic Places because of its association with cultural practices of beliefs of a living community.
(Traditional Cultural Property) Holy places, ceremonial sites, and other traditionally important places, often associated with Native American groups, but could be any cultural group.
Traditional Cultural Property. Land area used by Indian tribes or other groups for activities that are tied to their culture background. This may include plant collection and material collection areas.
Technical Contact Person.
Technical Competency Profile
Technical Cooperation Programme (FAO)
Technology Consultancy Projects (redundant term - see SmartStart)
Creates diesel-like crude oil using temperature and pressure to breakdown and process biomass input.
Transit Computerisation Project
abbreviation: tubing conveyed perforator.
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Tape Carrier Package
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Tool Center Point. The origin of the tool coordinate system.
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test call parameter