Definitions for "carrier"
A person who possesses at least one gene that may contribute to disease in offspring.
Carrier is an analog or digital signal of constant and known characteristics, over which modifications are inserted. These modifications represent the information to be transmited.
A person, generally in apparently good health, who has been infected with a pathogen and is capable of infecting and causing disease in others. Individuals persistently infected with hepatitis C are considered carriers.
The company issues, and assumes the risk of, an insurance policy. also called insurance carrier.
A company that provides telecommunications circuits. Carriers include the local telephone company and companies like AT&T, MCI, and Sprint.
Transportation company transporting freight (van line, common carrier, rail car, airplane.)
The tone that the modem sends over the phone lines. Data is modulated onto this tone, so it is referred to as the carrier tone.
1. a signal that carries modulation; 2. a provider of data carrying services.
An electrical signal of a set frequency that can be modulated in order to carry data.
A liquid or solid material added to a pesticide active ingredient or formulated product to facilitate its application. Also known as the material used to carry the pesticide to the target - e.g. water.
Solid formulant added to a technical material as an absorbent or diluent. (FAO, 1995)
An herb or substance which is added to a formula or mixture of other herbs to aid in the distribution of the medicine to the proper location in the body or to enhance the effect of the other principle ingredients. (Syn: Adjuvant)
A molecule containing antigenic determinants recognized by T cells. Conjugation of a poorly immunogenic polysaccharide (T cell independent antigen) to a carrier can improve the immunogenicity of the polysaccharide.
A large immunogenic molecule or particle to which an antigenic determinant is attached, allowing the determinant to become immunogenic.
An immunogenic molecule, or part of a molecule that is recognized by T cells in an antibody response.
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is a person who has HCV (HBV, HDV) in his or her blood even if all symptoms have disappeared. Because the virus is present in the blood, it can be transmitted to others. The HBV carrier can be recognized by a specific blood test.
Infected individual who is a potential source of infection for other people.
Practically all people who are HCV antibody positive 'carry' the virus. The term 'carrier' is often misused, though, to mean someone who has the hepatitis C virus yet is in good health.
Any person or entity who, in a contract of carriage, undertakes to perform or to procure the performance of carriage by rail, road, sea, air, inland waterway or by a combination of such modes.
Any person who, through a contract of carriage, undertakes to perform or procure the performance of carriage by rail, road, sea, air, inland waterway, or by a combination of modes. (See also Common Carrier)
A gas, liquid, or solid substance used to dilute, propel, or suspend a herbicide during its application.
Often a vegetable oil, but it can be a base cream, lotion, gel or shampoo etc which is used to dilute pure essential oils for application. More info
Oil - An oil base in which essential oils are diluted to create massage blends and body care products.
Sometimes used to refer to the liner material of pressure sensitive labels. Also a term sometimes used to describe the stock to which two layers of adhesive are applied on a double adhesive construction.
Sealants, Adhesives and Tapes Flexible, reinforcing interlayer within a double-sided pressure sensitive adhesive product backed with release liner. Typically a thin tissue or film with the adhesive coated on each side.
Double-coated tapes have a thin "carrier" of film to which one or two types of PSA adhesive is coated to each side.
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The individual louver holder that slides back and forth in the headrail.
Clip used to hold the vertical vanes inside the headrail of a vertical blind.
Structural device used to support wall mounted fixtures such as toilets, urinals and lavatories.
Structural device used to support a wall mounted fixture such as a sink tub or lavatory.
A small musketoon mounted on a swivel.
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That which drives or carries; as: (a) A piece which communicates to an object in a lathe the motion of the face plate; a lathe dog. (b) A spool holder or bobbin holder in a braiding machine. (c) A movable piece in magazine guns which transfers the cartridge to a position from which it can be thrust into the barrel.
Basic woven grouping of a braided shield which consists of one or several parallel ends.
Part of a cordage braiding machine that carries the group of yarns or the single yarn like a single strand through the braid as it is made. May also refer to that yarn or group of yarns.
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formant Ouroborus sinewave
Carrier is a solitaire game from Victory Games depicting the fighting in the Solomon Islands during World War II between Allied and Japanese forces. The game was designed by Jon Southard and uses a solitaire system similar to his earlier game Tokyo Express. The player is in command of the Allied, mostly American, but occasionally having British Commonwealth elements, Task Force fighting to defeat the Japanese Navy.
Carrier is a survival horror video game for the Sega Dreamcast, notable in part for being fully 3D - then still a rarity for survival horror games, which mostly displayed 3D characters over pre-rendered backgrounds. Also, its setting of a ship at sea was later used by Ubi Soft's video game Cold Fear, a game with many similarities in both gameplay and setting to Carrier. Though Carrier is the more widely accepted game, a PS2 port was planned but was later canceled.
A lifting mechanism in some repeating firearms that raises and positions the cartridge for feeding into the chamber. Sometimes called the Lifter.
A device for holding a frame or frames of microfilm, i.e., film jackets, cartridge.
Cart Machine Cartridge
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A legal entity that offers a health benefits plan approved by the Office of Personnel Management.
An Insurance Risk Taker such as Anthem Health or a Health Maintenance Organization such as Kaiser
An organization acting as an insurer for private plans or government programs.
A paper or film for pressure sensitive labels. Typically, it has a silicone coating to allow easy removal of the label.
A substrate or backing, usually polyester film, on which emulsion is coated. Indirect, direct/indirect and capillary films employ a carrier.
The film material that the foil layers are manufactured upon. Usually polyester film varying in thickness from 50 gauge to 1 mil. Chiseled A shape put into embossed or debossed images resembling a V-shape.
A term used most often in affinity chromatography, which refers to the support that is used to carry the active ligand, usually by a covalent bond. It can also refer to the support in other chromatographic modes.
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Standard-sized pin connectors that permit chips to be attached to a circuit board.
A telecoms supplier who provides either circuits to your site, or call routing services such as LCR.
Vendor of transmission services operating under terms defined by the FCC as a common carrier. Owns a transmission medium and rents, leases or sells portions for a set tariff to the public via shared circuits. (AT&T, Sprint, MCI, Ameritech, etc.)
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The operating frequency of a wireless system.
The provider of the wireless service to the subscriber.
Shorthand for wireless carrier, carriers provide the network infrastructure for the delivery of messages between end users and connection aggregators or application providers.
An auxiliary product that is a type of accelerant commonly used in the printing of fibers with disperse dyes.
A chemical added to a dyebath used promote the dyeing of hydrophobic synthetic fibres.
An assembly, also called a "trolley," that supports a load and runs on a monorail track or crane girders.
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Substance in which pigments in inks are suspended. Aqueous, solvent and eco-solvent carriers evaporate after printing. Mono-mers are considered carriers in UV-curing inks, but are transformed into solid polymers after curing.
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An artificial channel delivering water to or from a meadow. Top Carrier - also called a Head Main - brings water to the meadow. Bottom Carrier - also called a drain or a tail - takes it away. By Carrier - a connection, controlled by a sluice, between top and bottom carriers which can be used to fine tune the water levels or to maintain a flow and keep the tail drain open when the meadow is not in operation.
Choice CodeGuide condition variable ctor
(FAB) Holds the strips (leadframes) for the transfers.
frame that holds a negative flat for enlarging.
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Classification of utility mecha commonly used in most major cities. Carriers usually have a fan system for movement, two to six lifting arms with hands, a torso and no head. Some carrier types are used in police work, mounting a single laser in the front of the torso.
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(1) Something my dad used to put on our Olds to hold the tent for our summer vacations. (2) A term used by my mother to describe a “bad girl.
A removable drive-axle assembly consisting of a housing, ring gear, pinion, differential and related parts; sometimes called an axle "third member."
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CIF Custom Graphics
The representative or senator assigned by the committee chair to explain and speak in favor of a measure on the floor of the House or Senate and to answer questions about it. The carrier does not have to be a member of the committee in which the bill was heard. If, for example, a particular representative or senator is knowledgeable or interested in a bill's issue, the committee chair, as a courtesy, might ask that member to carry the bill.
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May be trucker, vessel, railroad or air carrier.
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Valence holes and conduction electrons that are capable of carrying a charge through a solid surface in a silicon wafer.
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A pocket type sleeve which can be used to image a damaged or torn physical item
A person who operates or causes to be operated a qualified motor vehicle on any highway in Maryland.
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A reusable, folded piece of heavy paper used to protect ID cards during lamination. Several carriers are provided with each lot of laminates purchased.
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The removable part of a removable caddie. The part that holds the hard disk.
A material or device used to deliver a therapy to a site in or on the body.
A person who delivers the newspaper to subscribers.
supplier of drugs; usually someone who delivers drugs for someone else
"Carrier" is an episode of the science fiction television series The 4400.
DNA: DNA used to expedite the preparation or the transformation of genetic material into an organism but which is itself not part of the construct.
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Carrier plane
a symbol of visual language that exists on the Framing Plane and holds information within it that is bound to a Root through a Tail
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The fabric garment used to carry body armour.
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on arrival
the physical package (ie the disc, film, paper etc) in or on which information is fixed or recorded. Examples include: a magnetic tape; a telephone cable; a sheet of paper.
A tone signifying a connection the modem can alter to communicate data across telephone lines.
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One who, or that which, carries or conveys; a messenger.
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Liquid component that makes the ink flow out of a pen. Close Window
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Responsible for supporting and moving the load. Carriers are commonly attached to the linear slide with a bearing system.
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The envelope that contains the letter and other contents of your direct mail message. Also called a carrier envelope or outer envelope.
Equipment that electronically stacks one voice on top of another at the beginning end and separates them at the receiving end.
The metal strip to which stamped parts are attached as they pass through the manufacturing processes.
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Commodity code
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An agent that causes a compound to be transferred. The act of combining two or more gases.
Broad term used to describe privately-owned and state-owned entities around the world that provide transmission facilities used to carry voice and data communications from one point to another.
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See Motor Carrier.
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see Third Party.
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Method of payment
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See developer.