Definitions for "Courtesy"
Politeness; civility; urbanity; courtliness.
An act of civility or respect; an act of kindness or favor performed with politeness.
An act of civility, respect, or reverence, made by women, consisting of a slight depression or dropping of the body, with bending of the knees.
The husbandâ€(tm)s right, at common law, upon the death of his wife, to a life estate in all the estates of inheritance in land that his wife possessed during their marriage; "a life estate to which the husband was entitled in all lands of which his wife was seized in fee simple or in fee tail at any time during the marriage, provided that there was issue born alive capable of inheriting the estate. On the birth of such qualified issue the husbandâ€(tm)s tenancy by the marital right was enlarged to an estate for his own life.... Although the husbandâ€(tm)s estate for his life was called ‘courtesy initiateâ€(tm) prior to his wifeâ€(tm)s death and ‘courtesy consummateâ€(tm) after her death, he had a present life estate in both situations and there was no substantial difference between the two types of courtesy."
An interest in the lands of a wife allowed to a husband by force of law.
A right that a husband has in his wife's property at her death. It does not exist in all states.
Favor or indulgence, as distinguished from right; as, a title given one by courtesy.
Announcement of last-minute cancellation of a program.
It is an estimate of cost to replace or reproduce a house if this was needed.