Definitions for "Civil disobedience"
The decision to break specific laws because they are unjust. This tactic of nonviolence was used by the civil rights and farmworker movements to bring about social change.
A nonviolent act of breaking the law to call attention to a certain law or set of laws with questionable morality or legitimacy.
A doctrine of social activism which requires disobedience to unjust laws. Usually held up as heroic and laudable among the politically correct except when practiced by pro-lifers to save human children instead of whales, owls and trees. Such actions by pro-lifers are known as rescues and are not true civil disobedience since no unjust laws are broken. The just laws which protected prenatal human life were destroyed by Roe v. Wade, leaving only a state of anarchy. See also RESCUE and CIVIL OBEDIENCE.