Definitions for "Outlaw"
A person excluded from the benefit of the law, or deprived of its protection.
A person engaging habitually in criminal activity, especially theft or robbery; an habitually lawless person, especially one who is a fugitive from the law.
To deprive of the benefit and protection of law; to declare to be an outlaw.
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Outlaw, is a film by director Nick Love and Vertigo Films is due for release on 9th March 2007 and stars Sean Bean, Danny Dyer, Bob Hoskins, Lennie James, Rupert Friend and Sean Harris.
The Outlaw is a wooden roller coaster located at Adventureland in Altoona, Iowa, near Des Moines.
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Outlaw (2005) is the fifth studio album by British band, Alabama 3. "Hello... I'm Johnny Cash" is a tribute to that singer.
To render illegal; to ban, prohibit, or proscribe under sanction of some penalty.
declare illegal; outlaw; "Marijuana is criminalized in the U.S."
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a horse that cannot be broke or ridden.
To remove from legal jurisdiction or enforcement; as, to outlaw a debt or claim; to deprive of legal force.
someone who has committed (or been legally convicted of) a crime