Definitions for "Punishment"
In operant conditioning, a stimulus, experienced following a behavior, which decreases the probability that the behavior will be repeated. (27)
A negative consequence of a behavior, which leads to a decrease in the frequency of the behavior that produces it.
level: Comprehensive (3) [ order by level] An unpleasant or aversive stimulus presented to a subject as a consequence of behavior done in response to some antecedent.
Any pain, suffering, or loss inflicted on a person because of a crime or offense.
A penalty inflicted by a court of justice on a convicted offender as a just retribution, and incidentally for the purposes of reformation and prevention.
varies by type of crime. See Felony, Misdemeanor, and Infraction.
the deserved discipline of a boy's naked ass, synonyms: licking, paddling, spanking.
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Punishment is an Australian television soap opera made by the Reg Grundy Organisation for the Ten Network in 1981.
Severe, rough, or disastrous treatment.
a diversion of scarce energy and resources from the all-important task of fulfilling his mission in life
An action designed to deprive a person of things of value (including liberty) because of some offence the person is thought to have committed.
an outcome that is negatively valued by the person
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The act of punishing.
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