Definitions for "Offense"
The act of offending in any sense; esp., a crime or a sin, an affront or an injury.
The state of being offended or displeased; anger; displeasure; as, to cause offense.
A crime; any act which contravenes the criminal law of the state in which it occurs.
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In any contest, the act or process of attacking as contrasted with the act of defending; the offensive; as, to go on the offense.
The members of a team who have the primary responsibility to score goals, in contrast to those who have the responsibility to defend, i.e. to prevent the opposing team from scoring goal.
the team, or any player of the team, at bat.
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A cause or occasion of stumbling or of sin.
a word or action which causes another person to stumble in the faith or to continue in sin or error.
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Offense is a band from Valencia, Spain. It was formed at the ends of the 1980s, when five fellows named Fede, Wensho, Murgui, Javi and Loren, decided to join together to rehearse.
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a must for coaches seeking to broaden and deepen their knowledge of the game
a rare opportunity for us to soak in the genius and principles of its author
The player that is currently controlling the puck.
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the action of attacking an enemy
a lack of politeness; a failure to show regard for others; wounding the feelings or others
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The offense for which the minor is referred to the Court.