Definitions for "player "
A gamester; a gambler.
This is you and me - the gambler.
A gambler, bettor.
player is a jukebox style front end for mpg123 . Its main feature is the ability to search for songs and queue them up for play. If there are no songs queued, it will play a random song. player runs under Python using ncurses, and will scale to a terminal window of any size. player has been designed to run quite happily on a diskless Pentium 200 client.
One who plays, or amuses himself; one without serious aims; an idler; a trifler.
One who plays any game.
a program that decodes mods and ouputs these on a sound device
Software on an end-user's computer that decodes and decompresses audio or video streaming content, e.g., Real Player, Windows Media Player and Apple Quick Time.
An application used to display an sound, video or unique file format. When built into a browser, a Player is a Plug-In. For example, Quicktime, Real Audio and Adobe Acrobat. When run as an application outside of a browser the software is usually called a Player.
a guy who actively persue girls to have sex with them for a while and dump and go on for the next one
a guy who acts very charming to the ladies, but his intentions are insincere and are usually of a sexual nature
a guy who does more flirting, kissing and other sexual things with girls than most guys do
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One of the 2 betting positions
a better bet for Celoxica
One of the two betting positions in baccarat. Also Punto.
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a MediaHandler
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a millionaire
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a much better hitter than Bret Tomko or Russ Ortiz
The real person who the persona represents.
Synonym for persona, this word used mostly in programming.
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a contributing member of the team
The individual USTA Member who registers on a team.
Anyone who might be involved in the problem or situation you are thinking about. Or anyone on your Head Team Players for your Head Team
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a living, and smaller event, which enables it whether you would defeat Johnny Moss, Video poker on line Chris Ferguson, who had aces
Player was a popular American rock band during the late 1970s. Their #1 hit, "Baby Come Back" was written by a talented songwriter, Blaine Craven, who passed away in Northern California a couple of years ago.
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The highest accolade in "pooldom".
In a multimedia architecture, the client soft-ware application, typically a plug-in, that enables play-back of the media
a client program or control that receives digital media content streamed from a server or played from local files
an object used to control and render multimedia data that is specific to the content type of the data
a sleeper if they are poised for a breakout or in position to do so
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a puzzle, and when you take the pieces apart and try to put it back together, then you see what you really have
Often used to identify the Archos Player models. Also known as Archos Jukebox 5000/6000 and Archos Studio 10/20. If you want to speak of an mp3 player in generic terms, please try to avoid using the single word "player" since it has been used to identify this kind of Archos model for many years and old habits are hard to break.
a computer program
a program which allows you to run LUA Scripts (programs written in a programming language called LUA) After you have installed the eLoader and put your homebrew in the right folders
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a CAM software application that accepts DXF and STL files exported from commercially available CAD/CAM software
a software that most likely is already installed on your computer
A dramatic actor.
an outstanding manufacturer
a person who puts a lot of time and energy into learning people in gneral, women specifically and has an outstanding instinct for saying the right words at the right time and is an excellent actor
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a bit poo to say the least and I want to use WMP to copy my music
an established major league veteran, at least twenty-eight years old
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a specialized ActiveItem
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See WebEx Player.
a raw, gritty and real account of the extraordinary life of one of hip-hop's biggest stars
Industry term for a person who is regularly making high-visibility deals in either television or film.
A person or 1 of the races that has been automated by the host.
A person who is registered to post within the gameboard.
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a slang term for an individual (usually male, but can be female) who is highly skillful at love and relationships
a slang term for a (usually male)individual who is skilled at sexual seduction
Used in the context of general equities. Customer or trader who is actively involved in a particular stock or the market in general.
means a Trader acting as a virtual investor for virtual money (as opposed to an Investor).
a worker and his employer can't sell him to some other company without that worker agreeing on it, because that would be called slavery, which is illegal now i believe
An object that implements the Player interface to processes a stream of data as time passes, reading data from a DataSource and rendering it at a precise time.
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a theatrical performer
A one-dimensional RAM image used in player-missile graphics which can be 128 bytes (double-line resolution) or 256 bytes (single-line resolution) long. The player appears as a vertical band 8 pixels wide stretching from the top of the screen to the bottom. There is a maximum of four independent players.
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a voter in a weighted voting system
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a laptop or desktop machine, then you should also consider an external hard drive
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a good commentator
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One who is with Cue in hand and controlling a Cue Ball. As opposed to a Judge, who is generally a Player, but sometimes not.
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A artificial or human player
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a product endorser almost by definition
Keywords:  maker, decision, corporate, key
n]: A key corporate decision maker
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A device which takes a pre-recorded signal from the medium (what it's recorded on) and outputs an electrical audio signal to represent it. see recorder
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a very unique and collectable product and I look forward to getting started on this year's product
a liability to an organization, until he reaches the majors, and then he becomes an asset
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An actual human user of the map as it is running in real time. (they do exist!)
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A customer with good credit history.
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Anyone taking part in an event.
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a Character create by you, the user
a computer that controls a sign and is connected to this network
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a womanizer.
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