Definitions for "Loser"
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a card which, presumably, has to be given up to the opponents rather than to be won as a trick. See also cover card.
(1) trick that must be lost; card that must be played to such a trick; card that cannot under present circumstances win a trick if played.(2) unit of (negative) hand valuation: see Losing trick count
a winner in both mono and stereo
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Loser is a 2000 romantic comedy film starring Jason Biggs, Mena Suvari and Greg Kinnear. It is about a small town teenager who is accepted into the New York University and must cope with the pressures of the city. The tagline of the film is Dare to be Different.
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A person who is habitually unsuccessful at some endeavor, such as employment or personal relationships.
a dangerous loner Okay, so few of us need to maim or kill another person or even kick the dog to balance our accounts, but small time everyday assassins abound
a person who does not have any goals what so ever
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Loser is a coming-of-age novel by Jerry Spinelli. It centers around Donald Zinkoff, a character in school who people mock for being different.
a fool who never learnt from his mistake
"Loser" is the name of a song by Beck and Carl Stephenson, taken from his first major album, Mellow Gold. It is widely considered Beck's breakout hit. Upon release, it reached #10 in the U.S.
The true loser is someone who is inactive only by default, i.e., because he's failed in his bid to get ahead in society. Bousquet, who wrote that "My life is externally the life of a reject, and I wouldn't want it any other way," is an excellent example of the "beautiful loser," that highly evolved species whose members are doomed to failure, but who embrace their fate with joy. See: GOOD-FOR-NOTHING.
a person with a record of failing; someone who loses consistently
a hopeless waste of space and a failure
Loser (pronounced [lo:zÉ™] in IPA) is the name of a mountain in the Ausseerland in Austria which has an elevation of 1,838 metres above sea level.
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a whole nother issue
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a gambler who loses a bet
Loser is the 13th episode of season one of the television sitcom Grounded for Life.
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a contestant who loses the contest
a person with little or no ambitions for the future, someone that is always at loss, has accomplished little relative to their
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A plan or strategy unlikely to succeed.
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One who loses; as, the loser pays for a round of beer.