Definitions for "Jackpot"
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Same as jack pot. See under jack.
Any larger-than-usual gambling prize formed by the accumulation of unwon bets.
The highest gambling prize awarded in a gambling game in which smaller prizes are also awarded, especially such a prize on a slot machine.
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Bonus paid if a very high hand loose, to attract players to the house or site.
A special bonus paid when you hit the highest hand on a video poker machine such as a Royal Flush or a Progressive Jackpot
In Poker, a pair that pays off only if the cards in the pair are Jacks, Queens, Kings, or Aces. Lower pairs do not pay off.
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Jackpot is rapper Chingy's debut album, which went double platinum. It was released on July 15, 2003, as part of the Disturbing tha Peace Label. Anchored by the smash single "Right Thurr", this compilation also included two other hits, "Holidae In" featuring Ludacris & Snoop Dogg, and "One Call Away"featuring J-Weav.
Jackpot is a 2001 comedy-drama film directed by Michael Polish and written by Michael and his brother, Mark Polish. It had a limited release in the USA on July 27, 2001.
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Jackpot was a British comic book that ran from the issues dated 5 May 1979 to 30 January 1982, when it merged with Buster.
Jackpot was a television game show seen on NBC in the 1970s and the USA Network in the 1980s. The NBC version aired from January 7, 1974 until September 26, 1975, and was hosted by Geoff Edwards. A second version, produced in Canada, aired beginning in September 1985 on the USA Network and was hosted by Mike Darrow.
An unusually large success in an enterprise, either unexpected or unpredictable, esp. one providing a great financial benefit.
A positive reinforcer that is much larger than usual, and usually unexpected.
A jackpot is a larger quantity of food than is usually given for a correct response. Often it is "better" food, from the dog's perspective. It can be used when the dog makes a break-through in understanding to really accentuate that moment in the dog's mind. Jackpots can also be used to good effect to fix a dog's attitude if the handler has made training unpleasant or too boring.
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A troublesome situation.
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In trouble
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A pile of haphazardly felled trees.
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When all the kids stay at friends' homes for the night.
a reward, which will be given to a player, who meets all the requirements.