Definitions for "parlay"
Keywords:  wager, bettor, payout, win, payoff
To wager the winnings plus the initial stake of one bet on a subsequent wager, or to engage in a series of such increased wagers.
To exploit success in one endeavor so as to achieve greater success in subsequent endeavors.
The act of betting the winnings from a prior bet, plus the original stake, on a subsequent bet; the second or later such bet in a series; also, a series of such bets, with the stakes for later bets coming from the winnings of earlier bets.
Keywords:  api, parler, jain, telco, discovery
An application programming interface created by the adoption by the JAIN community of the Parlay API for use by service providers outside the telco-trusted domain or value-added service providers with the telco domain.
An open programming interface (API) to a service provider's network (the network operator), developed by the Parlay Group ( By enabling the customer's application to talk directly to the network, it allows the end user to have greater access to network information as well as manage certain network features. The object-oriented, network-independent Parlay API supports multimedia data types and discovery. Pronounced exactly like the French ‘parler', which means ‘to talk'.
Parlay is an open API for the telephone network (fixed and mobile.)
Fig., to transform a gain into something of greater value.
The US term for an accumulator.
Alternative term (American) for an Accumulator. See Accumulator Calculator