Definitions for "Betting round"
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A betting round is any point during a hand that players are allowed to bet. A betting round usually begins with cards being dealt and then players subsequently acting. There are a predetermined number of betting rounds for each specific game. For further information on game types and betting rounds please visit our Game Rules.
If any cards of players' hands are up, betting usually begins with whoever is showing the highest hand. Some people play that in high/low games, the first round of betting starts with the lowest showing hand and all later rounds start with the highest. If no cards are showing, the betting should start with a different player each round, beginning with the player to the left of the dealer and rotating to the next player clockwise each round. A round consists of a series of bets until everyone has called or folded.
The period during a Poker game when players have the opportunity to Fold, Bet, Check or Raise. Each Betting Round ends when the last Bet or Raise has been Called or when all players but one have folded thier hands.