Definitions for "call"
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To match any bets or raises by putting in an equal amount to the poker player last to act. If the caller has less than the required amount they can go all-in but would only be entitled to win the amount of bets they have matched. A side-pot would be created, which can only be won by the remaining active poker players.
To match the current bet amount and show your interest in the pot.
The actual act of calling the keno numbers, usually over an intercom. Performed by an casino employee.
A Call is an option contract that gives the holder the right (but not the obligation)...
The privilege to demand the delivery of stock, grain, or any commodity, at a fixed, price, at or within a certain time agreed on.
Options: The right to buy a specific number of shares at a specified price by a fixed date.
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To command or request to come or be present; to summon; as, to call a servant.
To summon to the discharge of a particular duty; to designate for an office, or employment, especially of a religious character; -- often used of a divine summons; as, to be called to the ministry; sometimes, to invite; as, to call a minister to be the pastor of a church.
To invite or command to meet; to convoke; -- often with together; as, the President called Congress together; to appoint and summon; as, to call a meeting of the Board of Aldermen.
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A yell used mostly by NPHC organizations (although some NIC, NPC and local orgs have calls as well). Used to identify and greet brothers and sisters. For example, Alpha Kappa Alpha's call is SKEE-WEE. Non-members are not permitted to use the call.
Audible sounds used by members of NPHC organizations to acknowledge or gain the attention of the other members.
the sound or saying by which members of NPHC organizations greet their brothers or sisters or announce their location
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Either a) the time an actor or member of staff is required for work e.g. rehearsal call, wardrobe call for costume fitting, voice call for dialect coaching etc. b) during a show a cue from stage management corner for an actor to come to the stage or a member of the production team to get in position c) a curtain call at the end of a show
A request for actors, extras, crew etc. to be at a particular location for filming.
1) A notification of a working session (eg a Rehearsal Call) 2) The period of time to which the above call refers. (eg "Your call for tomorrow nights show is 6.55pm") 3) A request for an actor to come to the stage because an entrance is imminent (these are courtesy calls and should not be relied on by actors - eg "This is your call for the finale Mr Smith and Miss Jones") 4) An acknowledgement of applause (eg Curtain Call) 5) The DSM on the book is said to be "calling the cues".
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To invoke; to appeal to.
A requirement or appeal arising from the circumstances of the case; a moral requirement or appeal.
Another term for Invoking
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To utter in a loud or distinct voice; -- often with off; as, to call, or call off, the items of an account; to call the roll of a military company.
To speak in loud voice; to cry out; to address by name; -- sometimes with to.
The cry of a bird; also a noise or cry in imitation of a bird; or a pipe to call birds by imitating their note or cry.
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The Inns also provide the mechanism by which people literally become barristers - or are called to the Bar. At the moment, students are eligible to be called on the completion of the one year stage of training.
(or "Call to The Bar"). A crucial Right of Passage for barristers. Traditionally, pupils have been called once they have passed the  BVC and satisfied the 12 training units required by the Inns of Court. From 2008, call will not take place until 12 months pupillage is completed. The barrister attends a "Call Night" at his/her Inn of Court. Here s/he is sponsored by a bencher (who is also an existing Inn member) and is formally Called to The Bar at the Call ceremony.
To transfer control to a procedure, program, routine, or subroutine. IBM.
To transfer program execution to some section of code (usually a subroutine) while saving the necessary information to allow execution to resume at the calling point when the called section has completed execution. When a subroutine call occurs, one or more values (known as arguments or parameters) are often passed to the subroutine, which can then use and sometimes modify these values.
1. v. to contact another party either via yelling or telephony. 2. n. a programmatic reference to a subroutine, as in, "Where is that call to PaintWindow?". 3. v. to use or refer to another subroutine or function, as in "My application calls an Xtra to do the real work". See gosub.
Either a confirmation or refusal that a run should be taken by a batsman in order to alert his partner. Usually shouted as a "Yes" "No" or "Wait"
Running position of horses in a race at various points.
1. To describe the running of a race; 2. A specific point in a race at which running positions are recorded; 3. A verbal contract between a trainer and a jockey.
A type of invocation where the calling domain enters the waiting state, and the kernel generates a resume key designating the caller and places this key in the fourth key position of the message for the called object. Compare to return and to fork.
see invocation.
The invocation of a subprogram which causes in parameters to be transferred into the subprogram, followed by execution of the subprogram body and the transfer of out parameters back to the surrounding environment.
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A referee's decision
a decision made by the referee.
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Name brands of liquor a customer "calls" for, such as an Absolut martini. Call drinks cost more than well drinks.
This term refers to an establishment's pricing structure for alcohol. “Well” is the cheapest priced liquor (possibly a no-name brand), “Call” is moderately priced liquor (such as Jim Beam), and “Premium” is expensively priced liquor (such as Johnny Walker Red).
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A connection or attempted connection between two terminal end points on a PSTN or ISDN; for example, a telephone call between two modems.
An attempt by a caller to reach one or more parties by using a telephone, whether or not the attempt is successful.
Establishment of (or an attempt to establish) voice connection between two endpoints, or between two points which provide a partial link (e.g. a trunk) between two endpoints.
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A response given by a subject in a clinical test for ESP.
Term used ti indicate a subject's response in an ESP test.
Response made by a subject in a card-guessing or other ESP test.
The request by an appropriator for water which the person is entitled to under his decree; such a call will force those users with junior decrees to cease or diminish their diversions and pass the requested amount of water to the downstream senior making the call.
The placing of a call by any appropriator to the water commissioner to regulate appropriations to their permitted priorities and amounts. In such cases, junior priorities may be curtailed or called out so that a senior is able to divert its full entitlement.
Call an Amiga Library routine. CALL is an IMMEDIATE word, which can ONLY be used in a colon definition. At compile time it will look up the calling parameters in the FD file and build the appropriate code that, at run time, will: 1) Load the correct registers in order from the stack. ( The order the arguments appear in source text is the same as listed in the AmigaDOS technical manuals, and with the ARGS command. ) 2) Load Amiga register A6 with the correct library base pointer. 3) Call the correct location, offset from the base pointer. 4) Use register D0 as a 'universal' return code, moving it to top of stack. Please note that addresses passed to the Amiga must be converted from RELATIVE to ABSOLUTE! Please see the words ABS and CALLABS for this. Please also see the chapter on Calling Amiga Library Routines for more information about CALL. Related Words: CALLVOID CALLABS AREGSABS :LIBRARY DCALL REL ABS
number: A call number is like a book's address. Each item in the library has a unique call number which you trace through the Library Catalogue The call number is printed on the white sticker attached to the spine of the book. See also Dewey Decimal Classification.
NUMBER - The number given to each book acquired by the Libraries. Every book has a unique call number, much like every house in a city has its own address. The first portion of the call number (one or two letters followed by a few numerals) is the "name" of the "street;’ the second portion (following the period) is the "house number." Example: PR 6023 .L47 H6 You can find the call number of a book in AUBIECat. By consulting an appropriate floor plan posted in the stacks or at any reference desk, you can then locate the book’s general "neighborhood" and go to that area to find its exact location. One caution: call numbers preceded by "f" or " folio" indicate that the book is too large to fit on the regular shelves. You should refer to a floor plan to determine where on each floor of the RBD Library these "oversized" books have been shelved.
Calvin Academy for Lifelong Learning KE Knollcrest East
Center for Army Lessons Learned
see Computer Assisted Learning
This is a RECALL TYPE. If a woman has been given a recall type of CALL then she has been identified as not having a cervical screening history and is eligible for a smear test in the near future.
Women are 'called' for screening if they are to receive a mammogram for the first time or have not yet had a screening complete episode recorded on the system (women are only ' recalled' when they have had a screening complete episode recorded on the system).
To decide which tune to play next, often preceded by pointless discussions and much shoulder shrugging on the bandstand
a wager made in an amount equal to the immediately preceding wager;
To give name to; to name; to address, or speak of, by a specifed name.
To execute code while being able to pass it arguments and have it return results. Instead of inventing a new vocabulary, constructs and building blocks provided by LuaVIEW were given names that mirror the naming of similar concepts available in other environments. These names are often but, for brevity, not consistently prefixed by "LuaVIEW" and other adjectives so as to indicate their more specific meaning. The graphical language that is part of the LabVIEW distribution was originally named "G" by National Instruments. These days, the language tends to be called LabVIEW as well. The LuaVIEW documentation does not attempt to fight this: wherever the word LabVIEW is used, you will have to judge from the context whether it pertains to LabVIEW-the-language or LabVIEW-the-platform.
Call in round dancing and square dancing is a command by a caller to execute a particular dance figure. Voice calls may be complemend by hand signs. See also #Voice cue.
When you want to use a function, you call it. When a function is called the thread of execution switches to that function, starting at the first statement in its body. When the end of the function, or the return statement, is reached the thread of execution returns to the statement immediately following the function call.
A procedure referring to or executing another procedure.
The name and the concept behind the band was a Pakistani Danish Jabbar Khan.
a vocalization that is not a song; made during courtship, feeding, migration or as a warning The call of the bobwhite quail parents warns their young of approaching danger.
To announce the progress of a race for the benefit of the audience.
Announcement sent annually to the membership listing the annual meeting date, proposed budget, directors, and agenda.
When the track announcer reports the running position of the horses in the race at various points.
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To rouse from sleep; to awaken.
To make a brief visit; also, to stop at some place designated, as for orders.
A short visit; as, to make a call on a neighbor; also, the daily coming of a tradesman to solicit orders.
A visit to a store/client
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The amount due to be paid to a company by the purchase of new or partly paid shares.
When shares are issued, the members may be allowed to pay for them by instalments. Each instalment is a call.
The money which has to be paid to a company by the newly purchased or part- purchased shares.
Center. An operation with two or more persons handling incoming or outgoing calls. Call centers may be help desks, customer service centers, catalog sales centers, reservations centers, or telemarketing/collections operations.
Center: Any centralized location to which calls can be directed, answered, and processed. However, in common usage it also encompasses operations that may be decentralized and that process more than calls. Contact center is a broader term that is often substituted for call center
n., tr. v. The referencing of a segment by a call_segment, cond_call_segment, execute_segment, or cond_execute_segment element. These elements cause traversal of the referenced, subordinate, segments. A call is also referred to as a segment reference.
A conversation of 2 or more parties, which consists of 1 or more call segments. Any demand to set up a connections.
To order, request or retrieve stored water; to call upon.
A telephone call, email, fax or other help request that is logged and trackable via a trouble ticket
A completed switched communication (at a specified bandwidth) between two stations on a network. A call is originated by a "calling party", " calling station" or "caller". The destination or termination of a call is the " called party", " called station(s)" or "destination node" on the network.
Calling Station Candy Canes Canine
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Any feature, landmark, or measurement called out in a survey. For example, "two white oaks next to the creek" is a call.
Keywords:  hounds, blown, horn, encourage, note
A note blown on the horn to encourage the hounds.
Keywords:  verb, noun, telephone, view, someone
verb बोलà¤3/4उनु, डà¤3/4क्नु general
Noun. A telephone call. Verb. To call someone. ጥሪ View
CALL filename Stops running the current script and transfers control to a new one, without clearing any variables. e.g. CALL "C:\ Documents\ Scripts\ script2. scr" starts ‘script2. scr' running. When the called script ends, the Terminal emulation screen is shown. The program does not return to the calling script.
A specific communication on a line. See RCall. See also: call capabilities  call status  call ownership
To make a demand, requirement, or request.
Demand to repay a loan or bond.
When shares are issued only part of their cost is usually paid at the time of application and allotment. A "call" is a demand by the company for part or all of the outstanding sums to be paid.
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out amen this service: [Thinking about the worship service/the main service that took place this past week] did anyone call out "amen" or other expressions of approval
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In a metes and bounds legal description of a property, the angle and distance of a given line or arc.
a prediction proven correct. Usually heard as, "Good call" or "What a call."
The person responsible for calling the cast to position at the correct time.
Keywords:  handicap, wild, pocket, win, shot
Used to describe a ball handicap where the person receiving the handicap must call the pocket for the ball before legally making the shot to win. As in "The wild 7 is much better spot to get than the call 7!"
The time remaining until you are to board the aircraft. For example, a fifteen minute call means you will board in fifteen minutes.
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Vocation; employment.
A physical or logical association between two or more parties. A held call has two or more parties logically connected although they are physically disconnected.
A Call is an Association of Objects negotiating about, and sharing, information Transport Services. A Call Party models the Role of an Object involved in a Call. Users, User Agents, and Service Agents are examples of objects that may be call parties. Calls may be specialised, examples may be multimedia Calls, video conference calls and two- party voice calls. A call can use the services provided by a Connection Manager in order to control Connections and Connection Groups. source: EU-P103 domain: General usage: EU-P103
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signal given by the shooter for the release of the target. Usually the word "pull," but any sound may be used.
Keywords:  strict, loosely, miles, ten, regard
To state, or estimate, approximately or loosely; to characterize without strict regard to fact; as, they call the distance ten miles; he called it a full day's work.
A protocol-defined connection between the DM3 board's network interface and the equipment connected to it (such as a central office). A call can be either inbound, and it can be initiated by either end of the connection.
claim complex consequently conveniently
being either at the hospital or at home, available to admit new patients and/or do work for patients already admitted. May also hear "on call."
To regard or characterize as of a certain kind; to denominate; to designate.
Keywords:  appointment
To show or disclose the class, character, or nationality of.
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See Assessment, 4.
SEE Labor Call.
A reference to, or statement of, an object, course, distance, or other matter of description in a survey or grant requiring or calling for a corresponding object, etc., on the land.
Any connection (fixed or temporary) capable of transferring information between two or more users of a telecommunications system.
Broadcasting your actions over the team channel.
An association between two or more users or between a user and a network entity that is established by the use of network capabilities. This association may have zero or more connections.
Keywords:  declare, once, entire, debt, due
to declare the entire debt due at once.
the official communication to potential project applicants to present proposals and the way to do it
To transfer control of an application to a different procedure. Procedures are sometimes called with the Call keyword.
This is a connection between two or more users with the intent of exchanging information.
The name of the regular instalment payments by investors. You can find out more information here.
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Initiates drawing of the numbers for each game
Also called Transaction and Customer Contact. A term referring to telephone calls, video calls, Web calls and other types of contacts.
The 5-digit designation for a specific section of a course being offered.
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See function call.
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See long call.
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Call Loans