Definitions for "Buyback"
The covering of a short position by purchasing a long contract, usually resulting from the short sale of a commodity. See: Short covering, stock buyback. Also used in the context of bonds. The purchase of corporate bonds by the issuing company at a discount in the open market. Also used in the context of corporate finance. When a firm elects to repurchase some of the shares trading in the market.
The purchase by a company of its own shares.
When a firm repurchases its own stock from the public. Bloopers & Blunders: ROE, Buybacks, and Value Finance By Example (Archives): IBM to Buyback $3.5 Billion Shares 0-9
a marketing transaction in which a grower places additional peanuts under loan at the additional loan rate and a handler simultaneously purchases such peanuts from the area marketing association for seed or other domestic use
an additional (non-quota) peanuts allowed into the quota market through mutual agreement of the producer and buyer
a payment to establish service credit for certain leaves, to reestablish service credit for previous UCRP membership for which you received a refund of accumulations , or to eliminate a noncontributory offset
Buyback is an agreement whereby the primary supplier accepts as full or partial repayment products derived from the original exported product. Buyback arrangements support the financing of production facilities - e.g., the export of machinery and capital equipment, manufacturing processes, and technology.
Buyers or sellers on balance Buying climax
An Agreement with a vendor under which the vendor commits to buy back the equipment from the lessor eg. at the end of the Agreement or if the lessee defaults.
The money that comes in on the underdog after a favorite is bet heavily enough to move the line.
Offering industries money if they succeed in reducing certain levels of water everyday.