Definitions for "flotation"
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The act, process, or state of floating.
The science of floating bodies.
Act of financing, or floating, a commercial venture or an issue of bonds, stock, or the like.
The introduction of a company's shares into the market.
The open sale of shares in a company ‘going public', rather than the issuing of shares in a private company start-up.
Also known increasingly as an Initial Public Offering or IPO a flotation is the listing of shares in a company on some public market such as the London Stock Exchange, AIM or OFEX.
chemical process as part of gold extraction from crusher ore
The process by which an issuer makes its securities available to the public usually for the first time
A method of screening (sieving) excavated matrix in water so as to separate and recover small ecofacts and artifacts.
The machine's ability to traverse soils or surfaces which have very little load-bearing capability.
A technique used to extract objects from soil by using churning water or other liquids to carry away the soil, leaving larger objects to be caught by a screen.
A method of obtaining seeds and other organic materials from soil by using liquids.
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Going public to raise equity financing and to allow the original owners and early investors to realize some of their gains.
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See New Issue.