Definitions for "Flocculation"
The process by which small particles of fine soils and sediments aggregate into larger lumps.
The change which takes place when the dispersed phase of a colloid forms a series of discrete particles which are capable of settling out from the dispersion medium. In geological processes, flocculation is almost inevitably a result of a colloidal solution mixing with a solution containing electrolytes, e.g., sea water.
The physical process whereby particles such as sediments are joined together.
A jellied material which is deposited in the lower part of the Mississippi River during low-river stages. It consists of suspended material which, after being carried down river by the current, comes into contact with the relatively still salt water which backs into the passes. This muck has been observed to be as much as 10 to 15 feet deep and, although slowed down by it, deep-draft vessels are able to plow through. The material remains where deposited until flushed out during high stages of the river.
A "snowy" look to insulin that may occur when the insulin has been exposed to too high or too low a temperature or when it is out of date.
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Formation of flocs (fibre bundles)