Definitions for "GEL"
colloid in which the dispersed phase has combined with the continuous phase to produce a semisolid material as a jelly; a colloid formed by coagulation of a sol.
The initial jelly-like solid phase that develops during formation of a resin from a liquid. Also, a semi-solid system consisting of a network of solid aggregates in which liquid is held.
Any substance with a thick jelly-like consistency.
An inert polymer, usually made of agarose or polyacrylamide, used for separating macromolecules such as nucleic acids or proteins by electrophoresis.
A cross–linked, insoluble material which can form in a hot melt applicator under extended thermal stress.
A general term used to describe a defect consisting of insoluble polymer causing a visible discontinuity in a film.
1) Theatrical color filter used in conjunction with theatrical projection fixtures and spotlights. 2) Gelatin.
Colored material placed in front of a light source to alter its hue. Useful for correcting mismatches in lighting, as in scenes lit by both daylight and artificial light.
coloured filter, used to change the colour of light from a lantern. Originally made from gelatin (hence the name), nowadays gels are made of dyed polyester film. Also known as colour.
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Cushioning System Strategically placed silicon based gel for excellent shock absorption in high impact areas.
Trade name for an ASICS cushioning technology. It consists of a thixotropic silicone material (in other words, a "gel") inside a PVC capsule.
apply a styling gel to; "she mousses her hair"
To hold uniform hairstyles in place and to keep their hair out of their eyes, swimmers use a specially formulated waterproof hair gel.
something in your running shoe or your hair; both of which are supposed to make you run faster.
Electrolyte jellified through the addition of silicic acid to sulfuric acid
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The ISO currency code for the Georgia Lari.
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WF Gel is written in Delphi, natively compiled for Windows. It is billed as working quickly on less than top-of-the-line hardware. Supports both Java and JSP.
Hard Jello-like substance that scientists use to measure the size of DNA fragments during DNA diagnostic tests.
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GUI-Enabling Layer. A component of the Visual Age Interspace API.
Gemini impression. A proof meeting the right to print impression or standard used for the edition that is made for exhibition purposes.
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Small globular mass which as not blended completely into the surrounding material resulting in a fault in the film or sheet.
A term used to describe an over polymerized material.
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