Definitions for "Opaque"
Impervious to the rays of light; not transparent; as, an opaque substance.
Obscure; not clear; unintelligible.
Solid color which does not allow light to pass through.
That property of paper which prevents "show-through" of printing, or other marks; on or in contact with the backside. In photoengraving, to paint-out areas on the negative that must not appear on the plate.
The process of painting out the areas on the negative that are not required on the plate.
To paint out areas on a negative so they will not appear on the plate.
All areas in the building envelope, except fenestration and building service openings such as vents and grilles.
A printed solid or other nondescript or specific design inside an envelope to provide added security which prevents the contents being read from the outside
Printed solid, or design inside an envelope for security.
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(adj.) Characteristic of a particular piece of data if its value or format is not normally visible to functions that use it. For example, the input_token parameter to gss_init_sec_context() is opaque to the application, but significant to the GSS-API. Similarly, the input_message parameter to gss_wrap() is opaque to the GSS-API but important to the application that does the wrapping.
adj. Refers to a data type which is intended to be abstract: code using the type is not supposed to know how the type is implemented (whether it is a simple type or a structure, and if a structure, what fields it contains). See question 2.4.
The state of a region with regard to events. If a region is opaque to an event type, any event of that type that intersects with the region has its rectangle set adjusted to clip out the intersecting area. The region prevents the event from passing through.
An Orbix mechanism for passing user-defined objects by value.
The characteristic of not passing any incident radiation (Transmissivity = 0). An optical filter is said to be blocked in a waveband if it has less than 5% transmission over those wavelengths.
Having cover power; not permitting the prepared surface or other colors to show through or other colors
Color which does not allow other colors to show through.
change this color to the pen color within the image
That which is opaque; opacity.
The inability to see through an object. If an object is 100% opaque, you cannot see through it. Opacity levels under 100% increase the ability to see through objects.
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Not see thru.
Exhibiting shadiness (contrast of clearness).
A covering used as an undercoat so that metal will not show through plastic or porcelain.
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Dull, the reverse of shiny
When used in the lingerie industry, opaque means the body can not be seen through the garment.
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Stockings made of yarn which give them heavier appearance, usually 40 denier or greater in weight.
not clearly understood or expressed
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Not see through. Semi-opaque is somewhere in between sheer (see through) and opaque. For example, stockings can look opaque until you stretch them over your leg, when due to the stretching, they become semi-opaque.
Visual description, too dark to see through.
A physical description of a material which attenuates electromagnetic radiation.
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Not able to see completely through an item. A cloud in the sky is opaque. As a cloud or clouds can let more or less sunlight through a gem can be more or less opaque.
relates to the show-through of the printed image from the opposite side of the sheet or the sheet under it. Paper thickness and the use of mineral fillers affect it.
A term that refers to the level of show-through from the back side of the sheet or the next sheet
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Opaque: Ink which does not allow the substrate beneath to show through.
Paper type that does not allow the image from one side to show through the other.
For a data structure, not publicly defined. You must use functions to get and set values in an opaque data structure.
Colour which cannot be looked through and completely covers other colours over which it may be placed.