Definitions for "saturation"
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Freedom from mixture or dilution with white; purity; -- said of colors.
charging of a phosphorescent material to maximum
The amount of color present in an image or part of an image.
Situation where increasing concentrations of a reactant (or transport material) fail to increase the reaction rate.
(1) The condition existing in any circuit in which an increase in the input signal produces no further change in the output. (2) The operating point of a vacuum tube or transistor at which a further increase in grid or base current no longer produces an increase in plate or collector current. (3) In a magnetic core, the condition in which a magnetic material has reached a maximum flux density and the permeability has decreased to a value of (approximately) 1.
The condition where energy flux exceeds the sensitivity range of a detector.
Occurs when the vapor is at the dew point or saturation temperature corresponding to its partial pressure. A gas in never saturated with a vapor. However, the space occupied jointly by the gas and vapor may be saturated. ( 030)
An equilibrium condition in which the net rate of absorption under prescribed conditions falls essentially to zero.
1. The extent to which the pore space in a formation contains hydrocarbons or connate water. 2. The extent to which gas is dissolved in the liquid hydrocarbons in a formation.
The act of saturating, or the state of being saturating; complete penetration or impregnation.
(Impregnation) – Adding materials (saturant) to the backing for improvement of physical properties, and resistance to various deleterious environments. The backing of paper tapes, for instance, may actually contain as much as 50% by weight of a rubber-based imp regnant.
the process of totally saturating something with a substance; "the impregnation of wood with preservative"; "the saturation of cotton with ether"
A given volume of ordinary air which is exposed to a plane surface of water or ice has for a given temperature a definite saturation pressure of water-vapour; this saturation pressure increases rapidly with increasing temperature. A fall of temperature would lead to condensation of some of this water-vapour, while a rise of temperature would make the air unsaturated and therefore able to take up more water-vapour.
The state in which all available bonds of an atom are attached to other atoms. Alkanes are saturated. Olefins are unsaturated.
Saturated NEXT or Saturated Near End Cross Talk is also a function of the Critical Length Ratio. For the victim line with a length (physical or electrical) and having a Critical Length Ratio 1, then the victim line is unsaturated in NEXT. With a victim line having a Critical Length Ratio 1, then the victim line is with its maximum NEXT or is fully saturated in NEXT.
produces a constant (high) signal level regardless of the intensity of stimulus (also see limit of linearity, LOL). For a radiation transducer based on an electron avalanche (e.g. PMT), the effect is due to the finite recovery time of each area of the photocathode and/or dynode following release of a secondary electron.
The condition where the transducer or data acquisition hardware has a load or signal outside of its sensing range.
Released in 1993, Saturation is the fourth album by Chicago alt-rock group Urge Overkill and produced by the Butcher Bros. The band had been an underground act with ties to post-rock recorder/musician/iconoclast Steve Albini (who recorded the final studio album for Nirvana). Upon moving from the Chicago label, Touch and Go, they were generally reviled by Albini and other members of indie rock's press for selling out.
The condition where any further increases in input level will yield no further increase in output level.
A device characteristic exhibited when a further change in the input signal produces no significant additional change in the output.
The point after which a change in input optical power does not produce the same amount of change in the output. It marks the end of the dynamic range, and the beginning of the saturation region.
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The act, process, or result of saturating a substance, or of combining it to its fullest extent.
When a substance is holding as much as it possibly can, it is saturated. For example, the Seattle area is saturated with convenience stores. It is a useful term in the water cycle to describe when the ground is holding as much water as it can and begins to leak water into low areas to create streams.
A term used to describe a substance when it contains all of another substance it can hold.
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The increasing coverage and frequency in advertising in order to achieve maximum impact.
Advertising that is heavily concentrated in a short period of time in order to attain maximum reach.
When the body or a specific area of the body has reached its maximum energy absorption. Any "excess" energy naturally leaves the body into space.
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The point at which an FPA or pixel cannot register any more infrared radiation. A saturated pixel triggers will automatically be displayed as the hottest indicator (white, red, etc.) the system has.
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setBounds SMS Squeak Style Sheets
The theoretical point at which a network marketing / mlm company runs out of potential customers and recruits, and stops growing.
The ability to emphasize horizontal and/or vertical pixels when scaling an image for display or print.
Sawtooth Wave Scale
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the act of soaking thoroughly with a liquid
A most important aspect in producing high quality leathers. Full saturation of tanning, fat liquors and dyes are essential in the production of fine leathers.
Method of handling numeric overflow that represents positive overflows as the largest positive number in the range of the data type being used, and negative overflows as the largest negative number in the range. See also overflow, wrapping
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Saturation diving Saturation pressure
How concentrated a firework's effects are.
In economics, "saturation" is a term used to describe a situation in which a product has become diffused (distributed) within a market.  A Saturation Model is used to predict the actual level of saturation against optimal saturation which can depend on consumer purchasing power; as well as competition, prices, and technology.  Saturation is reached when the addition of more stores, mail, etc. achieves no further result.  Used for: Trade Area Analysis
the condition of being filled to capacity
the level to where something is filled to capacity.
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A stage in a product's life cycle in which everyone who might want the product already had it.
Mailings that send one piece to each residential stop a letter carrier makes on each route in the mailing. (Qualifies for Walk Sequence Rate).
The addition of various materials such as latex or rubber to a face material so as to improve its various physical properties.
The percentage of cable subscribers in relation to homes passed.
Saturation is a term used to describe a good or commodity with a larger market...
The same as penetration, but often used in a marketing context.