Definitions for "Maximum"
The greatest quantity or value attainable in a given case; or, the greatest value attained by a quantity which first increases and then begins to decrease; the highest point or degree; -- opposed to minimum.
Greatest in quantity or highest in degree attainable or attained; as, a maximum consumption of fuel; maximum pressure; maximum heat.
The highest rate of base pay paid for jobs within a grade or pay band.
Maximum (Max Williams) is a superhero in the DC Comics universe, from the Superman family of books. His first appearance was in Supermen of America v.2 #1 March (2000), written by Fabian Nicieza and drawn by Doug Braithwaite.
(pl. maxima). A feasible point at which the supremum is achieved. (See Weierstrass' Theorem.) An e-maximum is within e of being a maximum: f(x) = f* - e, where f* is the supremum and e 0.
A dollar limit that is applied to benefit payments. Some programs have no maximum. Some maximums apply to the lifetime of the benefit program; others apply to a particular period of time (calendar year, benefit year, etc.) or particular services (such as separate maximum for orthodontic benefits).
The maximum dollar amount a dental plan will pay toward the cost of dental care within a specific benefit period. Most insurance plans have an annual dollar maximum. The patient is responsible for paying costs above the plan maximum.
A limit on the amount that a plan will pay. It may be expressed as a dollar amount or as a time limit.
Maximum is an unofficial biographical album narrating the time around the release of the album Toxicity.
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minimum Möbius band Morse height function non-orientable 1-skeleton one-to-one locally
The maximum value of the posterior probability distribution for the parameter of interest.
The maximum identifies the largest value within the range of percents or rates.
The maximum is the largest number that is possible or allowed. For example, speed limit signs on the road tell you the maximum speed you're allowed to drive. Also, if you have a group of numbers, the maximum is the biggest number in the group.
the point on a curve where the tangent changes from positive on the left to negative on the right
Supervision level at the mid-range of supervision. Can be the beginning level for medium risk/medium need offenders or as a step down from High Risk. One personal contact per month.
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A score of 180
The maximum (without fouls) possible score of 147, scored in a single break.
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adjective बढि general
Win Approach-A playing strategy that directs all effort toward winning maximum money.
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a relatively strong holding for the previous calls made.
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The table limit for the size of bet that may be placed.