Definitions for "Midpoint"
A point on a line segment that divides the segment into two congruent segments.
A point that divides a line segment into two congruent segments
A Midpoint (or halfsum) is the halfway point between two planets, usually measured in longitude. A midpoint is considered to be a sensitive point, and its interpretation is based on the combined energies of the planets involved, much like an interpretation of planets in aspect.
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Midpoint was a /Pop-Punk/Emo band which made its roots in Calgary, Alberta that formed in 1998.
The arithmetic mean of a pay range. In a market-based compensation system, the midpoint is computed based on market survey data.
a value that represents one data value or the middle of a range of data values. When a midpoint represents a range of values, the algorithm used to calculate it depends on the procedure.
The salary that represents the middle of a given salary range or pay grade.
The midpoint of a bar can be used in the evaluation of technical analysis studies. The midpoint is the (High - Low)/2.