Definitions for "Residual"
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Pertaining to a residue; remaining after a part is taken.
Amount of a pollutant remaining in the environment after a natural or technological process has taken place, e.g., the sludge remaining after initial wastewater treatment, or particulates remaining in air after it passes through a scrubbing or other process.
In aquariums, material left behind in the filter.
The difference of the results obtained by observation, and by computation from a formula.
The difference between the mean of several observations and any one of them.
Residual (or error) represents unexplained variation after fitting a model. It is the difference between the observed value of the variable and the value suggested (fitted) by the model.
(often plural) a payment that is made to a performer or writer or director of a television show or commercial that is paid for every repeat showing; "he could retire on his residuals"
a payment made to the creator of performance art (or the performer in the work) for subsequent showings or screenings of the (usually filmed) work
A school's relative performance is the distance between their performance on a particular exam and the average performance of demographically similar schools on the same exam. When the data are available, the measure of performance for schools will be their average scale score on a particular exam (i.e. 4th grade Reading in 2005.) When these data are not available, performance rates indicating the percent of students who passed the test at a particular level will be substituted as the measure of performance. For every campus, relative performance is calculated for each tested subject, grade, and year. Relative performance is also referred to as the relative performance.
ree-szid-uu-al) As it pertains here, residual refers to two things: Effect and Period (Duration). The residual effect of a particular chemical may be moderately toxic, while it may also have a residual period of many weeks — reamaining moderately toxic, at least to the biocontrols agents anyway.| Menu
sugar is a taste term applied to wines that are not quite dry. Sugar above 5 grams per litre (0.5%) can usually be tasted. Acidic table wines may contain some residual sugar to balance the palate.
sugar natural sugars in a grape which are not transformed into alcohol, resulting in a sweet wine
SUGAR: Unfermented grape sugar in a finished wine. Often perceptible in a white wine such as Chardonnay, where it imparts a light sweetness that many find agreeable to the taste.
relating to or indicating a remainder; "residual quantity"
In the case of recharge, the remainder of all other hydrologic components in the water-balance equation.
is remainder term after a filter or a model was applied to the data series. Top A-C D-H I-M N-R S-Z
scar tissue of the spiritual body; unintentional thought-form or shell. Residuals have no history prior to their creation in the mind. The original, subconscious purpose for their creation is usually defensive or protective, but may be simply trauma. They may persist for many lifetimes and may grow layer upon layer in each lifetime. (May be formed by the self-deception inherent in hypocricy.)
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If is a space and is a subset of , then is residual in if the complement of is meagre in .
Fuel Oil: Heavy fuel oils produced from the non-volatile residue from the fractional distillation process. Heavy oils that are "leftovers" from various refining processes. Heavy black oils used in marine boilers and in heating plants.
In LTD plans, a provision allowing an employee who has been totally disabled to resume work on a trial basis, while continuing to satisfy the elimination period.
Money paid by production companies for each airing of a program after the initial license period as expired, or for each episode of a dramatic series. Similar to the publishing industry's concept of royalties.
A payment made to a model, actor, or singer each time an advertisement is played, shown or run.
The term facial paralysis 'residual' is given to those patients who, after 6 months, continue to show some symptoms of the paralysis.
The components of WATER LEVEL not attributable to astronomical effects.
In mathematics, loosely speaking, a residual is the error in a result.
payment for network broadcasts. Based on a descending schedule.
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Residual pieces are those not sorted under M693 to qualify for carrier route rates.
The cash flow available from the underlying collateral in excess of the required debt service and operating expenses.
An additional payment due as a result of usage above and beyond that originally agreed upon.
This is an additional form of payment which you will receive for a commercial which airs more than the number of times stated in your original contract.
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A two-family house.