Definitions for "Sat"
Aptitude exams required for admission to some American colleges, usually taken by juniors and seniors. There is a cost to students who take the tests.
The SAT test is an assessment program designed to measure a student’s academic ability and existing knowledge. Students are tested in the following academic areas: writing, math, and critical reading.
The Standard Aptitude Test (SAT), administered by the College Board, is the most widely-used college admissions test. The SAT uses multiple choice questions to assess verbal and mathematical reasoning ability. The SAT is taken by college-bound high school students during their junior and/or senior years.
Servicio de Administració n Tributaria
Servicios Arancelados a Terceros
eternal; without any discernible beginning or end
Means “eternal existence.” One of the three characteristics of Sat-chit-ananda, our blissful inner silence. It is that in us which never dies.
(1)Existence; (2) essence
Reality, Existence.
The one ever-present Reality; the divine Essence or Be-ness.
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Student Assistant Team
Submarine Advisory Team
Substance Action Teams
Securities Appellate Tribunal
State Administrative Tribunal
Universal SIM Application Toolkit.
A data management application for SIM cards, part of which is resident in the SIM card. See GSM.
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Existence pure and absolute. The true nature of each individual. See explanation of satchidananda.
Permanent, i.e., imperishable and unchanging. Transcending time, and thus unbound by the past, the present and the future. Real. True.
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Speech Awareness Threshold. This is the faintest level at which an individual can detect the presence of speech 50% of the time during an audiologic evaluation.
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imp. of Sit.
Sega Saturn. Comparable to the PSX, but generally better at 2-D.
Sulfuric acid tetrahydrate. A solid form of sulfuric acid and water that can form under certain thermodynamic conditions.
the seventh and last day of the week; observed as the Sabbath by Jews and some Christians
Supervisory Audio Tone. One of three tones in 6 KHz region transmitted by the cell site and transponded (returned) by a cellular telephone.
preparation from a base of peanut paste found in Asian cuisine
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(Mass noun) Rain, rainwater.
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Sateliite or South Atlantic
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Simultaneous access token.
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Surface Attack Tactics
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Static Air Temperature
this refers to the oxygen saturation level given by the pulse-ox and it is expressed in a percentage.
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satellite TV system Satellitenanlage