Definitions for "Flight Plan"
Specific information related to the intended flight of an aircraft. A flight plan is filed with a Flight Service Station or Air Traffic Control facility.
A pilot's intended routing and schedule for a flight, giving the pilot and aircraft identification; course, speed, and altitude to be flown; and estimated times of arrival at intermediate stops and the destination; submitted, orally or in writing, to air traffic control or a flight service station.
A required planning document that covers the expected operational details of a flight such as destination, route, fuel on board, etc. It is filed with the appropriate FAA air traffic control facility. There are both VFR and IFR flight plans. VFR plans are not mandatory.
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a document wich states intentions
The aerial photography operational procedure in which the flight objectives and the performance criteria are specified.
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a sequence of straight climb, levelled left turn, levelled right turn, etc