Definitions for "Photography"
The science which relates to the action of light on sensitive bodies in the production of pictures, the fixation of images, and the like.
The art or process of producing pictures by this action of light.
Print or digital "real life" images. Photos can be modified with various graphic effects to suit the end product.
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If you see photographs in your dreams, it is a sign of approaching deception. If you receive the photograph of your lover, you are warned that he is not giving you his undivided loyalty, while he tries to so impress you. For married people to dream of the possession of other persons' photographs, foretells unwelcome disclosures of one's conduct. To dream that you are having your own photograph made, foretells that you will unwarily cause yourself and others' trouble.
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an enjoyable hobby
Interested in exchange and/or making of nude or sexually explicit photographs, color slides or movies with similar photographs, slides or movies of others; interested in meeting with others for the making of these photographs.
Interested in the exchange (see Photo) or making of sexually explicit photographs, or moves. Interested in meeting with others for the making of these.
Glossary of helpful photographic terminology kindly supplied by Reflex Online, an Italian photographic online magazine. English to Italian.
Handles the secondary shooting or reshoots.
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a full service portrait studio and photo lab
a challenging and rewarding way to spend the winter in ski country
Drawings illustrated paper sewing patterns from the war years through to the 1960s. However, as reproduction technologies developed photography was used successfully for knitting patterns and in the designer sewing patterns of the 1960s.
the occupation of taking and printing photographs or making movies
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Publications Recreation
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Resources relating to archives and photography and photographic collections